Crashing at level changes

  • There is a consistent pattern of crashing at level changes. The chance seems to be increased if:

    -- running
    -- in a group
    -- fight an aggro'd mob at the level change.

    This is similar to the issue last year in the lava dungeon. At the very least, can you move the mobs away from the place where the level changes?

    I have very few disconnects if I am on sneak, solo and walk at the point of the level changes, but that requires knowing where the level changes. And is very difficult to control in a group.


  • The transition between level 6 and level 7 in Lava seems to cause the most issues.

  • Dungeons are a mess. Laggy, crashing, buggy messes. Can't run BH without several 4 second stops. Lava constantly dcing me. Can't play a single day without a fatal error. Mobs in mirefen swimming through the air. I don't understand why they are still pushing new content when literally every aspect of the game is messed up. You can't name a part of the game that doesn't have some kind of issue with it. Time to start fixing stuff imo.

  • Enter floor 7. Rogue unstealths and dc's me. Re-enter town, Fatal Error. Start game and enter town, Fatal Error.

    But sure, let's keep adding more broken stuff instead of fixing stuff. Sounds like a plan.

  • Hi Trup/mB,

    We believe we have found the issue and should have a patch later this week, with item fixes as well. We have delayed the ice because of this as we want to make sure its up and running with no issues. Should have an update for you soon.


  • I'm just gonna post whenever I get a Fatal Error since they don't seem to be going away.

    Running through Spider floor 5. Got the error but was still able to play with the white box in the middle of the screen. Got the boss, killed it, card popped and game froze.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Kill Spider Queen on 10. Port back to town. Load into town. Fatal Error.

  • Wait a minute. Restart the game. Load into town. Fatal Error.

  • Seems I didn't get the loot from the Spider Queen kill and she dropped my boots. So you owe me a pair of Barbaric Deathsteel Sabatons. I'm in game.

  • There is definitely been some tinkering going on behind the scenes. Game play tonight was different than it was over the weekend. I understand you all need to make changes, but can you just let us know that you are changing things? FFS, I don't even need patch notes.

    -- in Spider Crypt I got killed by a door.
    -- In Mirafen I got killed by some random dude. I've been running in God mode for over a week and suddenly some random non-boss mob one-shots me?
    -- Last boss in Lava punted me... not champ fist shove.... punted me into the air like a field goal in the lava for an instant death.

  • Did you all do something to the level transitions. Now getting DC'd, just not at the level change...a hallway beyond.... which now makes it much less predictable.

    Dropped the hallway beyond the transition from level 5 to 6 in Lava.

    Edit: dropped in Lava at the transition from 3 to 4. On sneak. No agro. Not sprinting. Not in a group.

  • -- Last boss in Lava punted me... not champ fist shove.... punted me into the air like a field goal in the lava for an instant death.

    To be fair we would've paid good money to see that!

  • @lotcSalad

    It was epic....almost as good as me running up the stairs to the last boss in Spider and jumping on the Queen with mortal strike and instantly crumbling to the floor in a red outline.

    Epic fail, so humbling.

  • If you check the combat logs all it'll say you've been killed by the environment. I've had the same thing happen on Spider Queen. Even had it happen on Eahma or whatever the first spider is.

  • Still crashing. Finally made it to Straelix. Feels like walking through water....did you slow down movement speed? Afraid to use rogue run or potions for fear of crashing. I'm now selling the legendary shields to the merchant.

  • @Mbenu


  • Ran through spider multiple times with no crashes and only a couple points of lag/stalling. I EVEN ventured to use my rogue speed a time or two.

    I didn't make it through Lava or the other dungeons.

  • Can't test Lava again today because I can't login.

  • @Trup


    Not able to log in to check. Hope it is fixed by tomorrow... selfishly...

  • It's still down. John said "shortly" an hour ago, so hopefully not too much longer.

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