Crashing at level changes

  • @Trup

    What? Tomorrow isn't is fine for everyone but me????


  • Still down. And no! I wanted to run some Lava today. Guess I'll have to play Nioh instead.

  • Still crashing. Sad to get to level 9 in Lava and crash with no possible reentry to the dungeon.

    So broken for so long...

  • We should be patching today or tomorrow. This should be resolved.

  • With all due love of the game, communication has become pathetic and laughable.

    Not sure what happened between last fall and today. Missed timeline? Loss of funding? Did key people quit? These are all rhetorical question. Don't really need an answer.

    I still provide feedback even though I think it goes into a black hole. I'm stubborn that way.

    But a cut and paste "we'll have a vague patch in a vague amount of time"...


  • @Mbenu

    Agreed. They need a community manager that can regularly speak with and foster a strong community.

    At this point without some kind of paragon system there is very little reason to play. The only items I need are in a dungeon that's been bugged since it was released, on top of that the drop rate issues and length problems it has. A paragon system would at least give us something to achieve in between the lengthy patches besides just a 1% loot hunt.

  • @Trup

    I don't think there is enough community to warrant a manager. Maybe someday. Or maybe at one point, but not now.

    I don't understand waiting days to provide a response and then have the response (in multiple threads) be a patch is coming. Why not wait until the patch is actually here and then provide details on what has been addressed.

  • Well there isn't enough communication going on either way, and clearly they don't have anyone that can be as involved as they should be at this point. I'm sure there have been a fair amount of players that have split because there was no communication. If I was looking to buy this game, or return, and saw that there hadn't been a developer response in days, weeks, or even months such as in this forum, I'd probably look at something else.

    And I agree with the patch thing. We don't hear anything for days, then get the same "patch is coming" line that we've heard before. I'd much rather get a list of patch notes on a Monday, discuss them throughout the week, then get a patch on Friday.

  • @Trup

    Agree. Tell me what you are working. Tell me what specifically you need or want feedback on...

  • Patched. Updated new rogue spells. Loaded into Lava. Crashed at Level 4 bosses.

  • Awesome. Glad we waited weeks for it not to be fixed. At least we got some awesome new combat sounds, amiright.

    I'm at the point of no paragon = no play.

  • Sound improvements. Lighting improvements. New rogue skills.

    There have been improvements. But for a game where you have to start a dungeon over, crashing or not being able to get past level six is an overwhelming issues.

  • Try GoE. Same basic idea - more content and possibilities

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