Boss Rush type mode

  • How about adding a boss rush type mode similar to The Binding of Issac (even though the game is nothing like Kings and Heroes LOL)
    For those of you that haven't played BoI: To trigger it you basically have to defeat to the end boss before a certain time limit, then a hidden door will open and you're placed in a large arena where you have to defeat 2 different bosses at a time until you defeat all the bosses in the game, and then you get a certain item for defeating boss mode with the character you played.
    It's pretty challenging and it's nice being able to get an item from there you cant get in any other mode or in the normal game

    But in Kings and Heroes, since there's no time limit, I was thinking if a similar mode is added, it can only be for the expert level 50 players, and they can choose that mode from the tavern when starting a dungeon, then after defeating the mode you can get some legendary items.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Most level 50 players are invincible right now. I'm surprised people are still playing. It's not a bad idea, but there is so much other stuff that needs attention right now.

  • This would be a fun concept especially when we get some more advanced boss mechanics in play. I would be for the idea of such a mode. When group play and guilds come about this could be used to help them better understand boss mechanics if the boss rush mode mirrors that of dungeon bosses. If they are different perhaps of a higher caliber this would allow a new challenge and maybe a raid like scenario. I would enjoy this mode instead of being tons of bosses to perhaps be a summon where you provide a set of materials and summon a single boss. All in all something like this would be interesting at least to test out.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like it could be fun. We are working on tuning many things at the moment to make the game better overall. Once those are completed we would love to look into additional game modes.


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