Cant play

  • Login screen just shows loading for all slots and shows first character without displaying anything else, and everything is greyed out including enter world. Can hit escape and bring up options.

  • Is this game still alive ?

  • I can get in right now. Are all you character slots empty or are they on the other 3 tabs?

  • @core.ogre

    All I get is the start screen which my first character appears in, but down the left hand side with all the character slots they all just say loading, I had 3 characters but its like the system cant get my account character information and I cant even remember the name of my main character and it doesn't show, and as I cant properly select a character as the slots only ever say loading I cant get further into the game

  • @core.orge

    and the other 3 tabs are greyed out and unselectable (so is the first one for that matter).

  • However it has now started working, maybe I just had to wait 5 days "shrugs"
    Thanks for fixing it guys

  • Hi Kiralon,

    Sorry for the delay in getting to you. Please let us know if you're still having issues.



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