A lovely greetings and slight Thank You Letter from General Orrick

  • A Greetings and Thank You

    Hello There Players and Maybe Even Developers Of Kings and Heroes, I've recently joined these forums to say my hello and just check out how the community is doing.

    But I would personally like to say to the developers themselves, Great Job. For being your first title as an indie development team, I'm quite impressed with how it plays and can't wait to see where it goes.

    But I do have my slight worries, hopefully you guys will listen to your community heavily and allow us as players to provide some help into the creation process of the game. So far though, I've seen you guys doing it well but only time will tell. I've seen many promising early access titles give up or just not listen to their player base, not too far after the game stops development entirely or the game just goes into a downward spiral.

    But in all honesty, so far. You've shown great passion and determination about the game and listening to the community which is an amazing thing and a very rare quality. You are being a true role model for other people who may want to get into early access. So good show!

    And for this, I will help and provide services all that I can to make this game grow, I've been suggesting it to friends and peers alike. Wrote my own little review which I'll need to redo because I did it when I was in bed on the phone on steam which I'll get to soon enough. If you ever need voice actors or need help writing, feel free to hit me up! I'll gladly help out with anything!

    I really enjoy this game even it's just the beginning, I see so much potential and so much success in it. I honestly think that this could become something memorable and large. Today, I will hopefully be streaming it and showing it off to my viewers and peers but honestly, keep up the good work.

    From General Orrick (Niko)

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