An improvement to ranged and melee combat

  • Hello There! General Orrick Again!

    So even though I've played Kings and Heroes for a short amount of time, I've noticed that hit boxes in the game are quite a pain, especially for a ranged combatant but even worse so for the melee fighters.

    You always have to have your cross hair on a target to actually hit but in reality, the model of your character's weapon or arrow hits it. You may need to increase the hit box size so that it's less stressful for a ranged or melee to keep track of a foe and try to hit them.

    It's too hard for me to keep track of smaller foes while playing a larger bruiser character and hit them with my slow weapon. Two handed weapons should hit with a wider AOE depending on the size of the character as well, So if your playing a large ork with a two handed weapon, you should at least be able to take out most of the things in front of you. But even then, you should have knockback on two handed weapons. If I got hit with a giant stone maul, I would be pretty staggered and probably even knocked on my ass.

    Range Projectiles need to be larger so that they have more surface to hit with or enemies need a larger hit box because those bats, rats and spiders are a pain in the ass, actually any small enemy is hard to hit with range.

    Bows need to be changed as well, You shouldn't be able to continuously fire like a machine gun and have the arrow still fly like it's full draw back, depending on the bow type should affect the firing speed. If it's a short bow or just a bow that's short, it should be faster to fire but have not as much power and not go as far as a much larger long bow. A long bow should be a lot slower to fire but hit much harder and go much farther. As well don't forgot that depending on how far you drawback the bow, should affect the damage. A non-full drawback would only do 55% of the bow's damage, a medium draw back should do 100% of the bows damage and a full draw back should do 150% of the bows damage but cost a lot of stamina in the process.

    Magical Blasts should be able to be charged the similar way as well but grow larger the more their charged and even turn into an AOE explosion at full charge as well make it so that the wizard is able to choose different kinds of elements than just fire. Maybe Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Storm, Nature and each of those elements gets different set of spells.

    Melee Combat should have it's own version of charge attacks, so you have your quick attack which does your basic damage, then you have a medium swing which is a half charge up and then you got your heavy power swing which is a full charge but you can't cancel it mid swing or really control the movement your going in during the swing, as well you should be able to charge in melee, so while sprinting. You should be able to press the attack button and then it causes you to do a charge attack which slams you into your foe and possibly doing knock back

    Melee Combat should have stances as well, so you press a key and it switches what stance you are in, maybe you want to be in like a guard stance which increases your block but lowers your damage, a battle stance which does more damage but reduces your block chance but then also a berserk stance which removes your block chance but heavily increases your damage or a wall stance which heavily increases your block chance but you are not allowed to attack while in the stance and move slower.

    And tell me what you think about this.

  • Smaller enemies are hard for everyone. The small critters have some pathing issues that haven't been corrected yet, but you don't encounter them besides spiders after Caverns of the Wild so it isn't that big of a deal right now.

    Everyone has directional attacks. So if you move sideways and swing your weapon you'll hit everything in front of you. Forward does an overhead attack, and backwards does an uppercut attack, all with varying damage modifications. It wouldn't be a problem if 2h maces had a knockback effect, but they would need to add in something similar for most other weapons. The slower attack speed of a 2h is offset by the increased damage and secondary stats already.

    Melee classes can chain their basic attack nonstop, so that is why the ranged classes can do the same. Adding in a draw back effect is essentially the same thing as reducing the attack speed of the ranged weapon for a max damage hit, but then adding in several variances based on how far back it was drawn. That kind of system makes sense in a game like Skyrim where fights are small and controlled, but probably not so much when the main objective is killing a few hundred enemies during the course of a dungeon run. This kind of system already sort of exists now with the difference between 1h crossbows, 2h crossbows, and bows. They all have different attack speeds with different damage ranges.

    I agree that ranged classes should have some kind of directional attack similar to what melee has, it would just need to be balanced. An aoe attack in melee range also means you're taking damage from everything around you, while an aoe attack from ranged is a lot more useful for maintaining distance. As for different elements, they've already stated that they have a full suite of Frost based skills for the Wizard.

    Also remember that eventually enemies will be able to do everything a player can do. So directional attacks, charging attacks, all of that kind of stuff sounds good until enemies are constantly ramming into you. Cacodemons were some of the most despised enemies in the game before they were largely removed because of their knockback ability sending players to their death in the Lava dungeon.

    Blocking in the game is an active ability you need to execute, and while you're blocking you can't also attack. It makes blocking very powerful in the right kind of circumstances. Adding in stances that offer some kind of passive blocking ability means the entire block mechanic would need to be reworked, especially for classes that don't typically use shields.

  • @Trup Well I just feel personally it's very repetitive in the combat, but that's just my opinion. It's a good game none the less, just giving my opinion and what I think. But thank you for putting your input! Appreciate it!

  • I absolutely disagree with the fact that the archer does not have to shoot like a machine gun.
    All other classes have their own unique autoattack, the archer has the most common shot, only 20% stronger.
    In addition, you can not hold the auto-attack button, you have to click for each shot and it's annoying when other classes do not need to do this.
    You suggest slowing the archers, but most fights are fast, enemies is always in action and if you slow and miss, your DPS is so low that you are useless for the party.
    I would suggest two variants of battle racks instead of two existing skills.
    "Rapid fire" now cancels the aiming, the bow is always in the fighting position and you can shoot without delay.
    "Deadly aim" remains the same, but each attack now with zoom.
    Optionally, you can reduce the damage from the first or remove the crit, while the second one can be increased.

    I changed my mind. The basic attack should be without a long aiming and directly depends on the speed of attack, the arrows as they are flying along the parabola and do not strike immediately if the target is far away.
    Deadly aim is to remove the cd and make it the second autoattack with zoom, bonus dmg, crit and make the attack chargeable, instant hit on the target regardless of range.
    Thus, the archer will be good both in tight rooms and in open locations.

    Actually, I'm completely satisfied with the current state of affairs.
    But since everyone wants nerfs, I will speak out for improvement. Play a slow archer in a confined space, yes you're joking.

  • @Fortune I didn't exactly mean a slow archer and we don't know if they are gonna add more opened up dungeons, I just think that there should be more use to draw back and damage values to make things more interesting and who says attack speed can't make the draw back and firing faster?

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