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    We have a lot of combat changes coming. Please post any changes here.



  • Started trying out the new Combat with my Champion. Overall, it is really cool. Using a 2H club feels slower (and rightly so) than a 1H sword when you swipe side to side.

    The 'strife' side to side to activate takes some getting used to... I wonder if it wouldn't be better activated by holding the LMB like you can do with the bows.

    The overhead forward also takes some getting used to. Soloing is fine, but I suspect the pace of the game with a group might make it feel different. Also a big of a lag/gap in time for it to take hold. Would also like to see this work while going backwards.

    The effects of the weapon I'm using help highlight that I'm doing something different than point and click. I'm using a purple club and there is a nice purple fog left as I swipe it horizontally. I haven't tried at a lower level with a regular weapon and if it would be so easy to see the impact.

    Agree with another post elsewhere that a combat log with more details would help a ton in understand what is working and how. I don't need numbers, although that would help. But something more than I killed something.

    At first blush, the new combat makes playing a champion much more appealing. Carrying around a HUGE purple 2H club now has a purpose.

  • The different attacks are certainly welcome, but I almost wish I had a keybind to keep me in place but do the different attacks based on whatever direction I was pressing. If this isn't something you guys would be interested in putting in, then I would suggest that when a player is doing one of these movement style attacks that you reduce the distance moved.

    You could just add layers to it. Regular attack. Movement attack. Shift + Movement attack. Regular keeps you in place, movement moves you slightly, shift + movement gives you a lunge effect.

    And to Mb's point about the Champion, I'd much prefer the Champion to utilize his shield offensively and for you guys to release a true 2h melee class.

  • @Trup

    I hadn't thought about being able to stand still... That would be much better.

  • @Mbenu

    Yeah, the entire idea of directional attacks are great, but they need to be approached either from a functional perspective, or a realistic perspective, and right now you kind of have both.

    I should be able to stand in one place and swing a weapon from side to side and hit everything in front of me. I should also be able to move to one side, perform the same swing, and deal more damage to the mob on that side. It's the same idea with the forward attack and standing still vs. running or lunging at someone. If I stand in place and do an overhead swing, I'll deal more damage, but if I do it from a run then I should deal even more damage and knock them down, or some other kind of incapacitate effect.

  • Thanks for the feedback,

    Here are our thoughts

    • list itemThere will be a true 2H class, the Champion is and always will be intended to be a tank type class.

    • list itemThe combat log we want to give you the detail, albeit not crazy but more so than what is there now.

    • Overall we are thinking about a functional perspective for directional attacks here is where we are at:

    • We want elemental weapon effects to function like procs. We are thinking of having them function like power up mechanic based upon directional attacks. Thus directional attacks will power up a weapon proc (increasing the effect) at which time the player can activate the proc. We would show some means of progress of power up. An example may be such as Lightning. Utilizing it right away may cause a small burst of damage to one NPC. Powering it up would cause chain lightning to hit multiple players and so on.

    • Directional blocking is something we are looking at which would add value to how you block as well as the direction the attacker uses to hit you. This maybe a bit to slow for the combat speed currently.

    NPC's will be changed so that the attack you use affects them as well thus making some weapons more effective against some NPC's. An example could be crushing weapons having a greater effect on skeletons, while swords have less of an effect.

    Let us know your thoughts and any suggestions. The next round is probably two weeks away.



  • @John

    Elemental Weapons - I think the idea of changing it from flat damage into a proc is a decent idea, but I'm not sure if I like charging it with specific attack types. Seems too rotational/situational to me. How would you discharge the weapon? Another ability button? A keybind?

    I think the idea of a proc is that it's supplemental rather than something you alter your playstyle around for. Will we all just end up figuring out the best way is left, right, discharge over and over and over, regardless if there is one mob or 10? The other side is this change would make melee combat overly complicated compared to casting unless you plan to work in some kind of modification for spells similar to melee.

    I've been playing legion a lot lately, and I think the trinket/proc idea is something that K&H could benefit from. It allows you to create really unique types of abilities that can be outside of the box. I've had a trinket that just procs a haste increase. I can see the effect on my character by attacking faster, which gains me more resource, etc, etc, but it's not very flashy. I've also had a trinket that sends out 4 shadow trails away from me then they come back to me, which is very visually flashy, but is also a completely different effect. The haste is buffing me regardless of what I'm fighting, while the other performs better on aoe than it does single target.

    So I think you could do something similar with elemental damage, and do it in such a way that finding weapons that had multiple elemental types proccing multiple things could be very valuable to the player. If lightning had a chance to shock a target or chain to multiple targets, then it has a clear single target and multi-target effect. I wouldn't want to see every elemental doing the same thing just with different colors. Finding the balance between everything being useful and there being a clear best would be tricky.

    Blocking - Not sure what you mean by directional blocking. I would like to see something along the lines of blocking and counter attacking. Right now, as your ability to kill faster goes up, your need to block goes down. This is because you either block or attack, so not raising your shield means that the ability to block is doing nothing for you. And honestly, right now blocking is more like putting up an immunity shield. It would be neat to have an actual block occur while I'm engaged in combat, rather than what it is now, which is "I'm in trouble, let me block until my stuff is back off cooldown".

    Weapon Damage Types - The only thing I don't like about that is hitting the place where an overall downgrade does more damage than an overall upgrade because it happens to hit a certain kind of monster for more damage. Maybe if the weapon swap system was more fluid something like this could work, but as a player I would tend to take the best all around weapon and just benefit when I happened to be fighting whatever that weapon was strong against. And when that becomes the case, all you're really doing is saying that this mace has +10% damage to skeletons and this sword has -10% damage to skeletons.

    Negative damage always sucks, so if you do stick with this idea, I would just keep the damage at a baseline and increase weapon types against certain types of monsters. Overall though, its fairly uninteresting. I'm in a dwarf dungeon, so I just swap in my dwarf weapon and not think about it again until the enemy type changes. But I'm only swapping in my dwarf weapon if it happens to have the same stats as my "main" weapon. Also, much like elemental damage, how would this affect spells?

  • Hey guys! I'd like to get some hopefully constructive feedback and my opinion in here too :)
    I think it is important to make clear to where the combat system should be going.
    When I read directional blocking, I can spontanously think of two different situations of other games:

    • Chivalry Medieval Warfare: This game is a tactical slow-paced FPS fighting game. You are able to attack and block in 4 or 5 (?) different directions. This is cool in the setup of the game. You see the enemy slowly starting an attack and are able to react to it.
    • Age of Conan: I played this when it first released for a month or so (Don't know the current state). In this MMO you are able to attack in 3 different directions. You have 3 Block-points to spend in-action. If your enemy is attacking on the left, you are putting all three points in to the left-block. If your enemy is attacking mainly from 2 directions, you split them up as needed, and so on. The game is otherwise a pretty standard MMO, but adds a little (uncomplicated) depth to the gameplay. You usually don't have time to spend the block-points right at the attack. Different builds used different set of directional attacks (also casters), so it is more of a system to set dynamically based on who you are fighting.

    Maybe people have different opinions on how the combat system in K&H feels for them. I think that it is intentionally a faster-paced hack&slash type of game. Maybe other feel that it is more of a tactical combat game like Chivalry.
    If this is the case, I think that K&H is currently in a mixed-situation.

    So my point is, the way enemies are attacking right now is fast-paced. The way the combat feels at the moment is slow-paced. Combat system is momentarily not stating a concrete point of how it should feel.

    I'm a guy who gives more attention to the feel of gameplay rather than content. You don't need a lot of content if the game feels right. I think a challenge mode endless-wave thing with a simple global highscore and increasing difficulty is enough to keep players in there for a long time. This is just an example. Random Dungeoneering gets the same point, although the competitive aspect misses here. Content comes in to add variety.

    So my question @John basically: Where have you seen the combat system when you fist started the concept of the game?

    To the elemental procs: I like the idea a lot. Basically because I like things popping up to indicate that I'm stronger now. I played WoW classic back in the day. Maybe some of you can reference that: The Crusader weapon enchantment was the greates thing for me back then. Not only because of the Attack power it got you, but because of the procc. When you were fighting a boss, and this flashy things shines above your character, you knew that you are going to be stronger and doing more damage now. It just makes you feel more powerful and it's satisfying :)

    I could imagine seeing elemental procs in K&H. Depending on how the combat system should feel (as read above) I could imagine a lighting proc to deal damage to nearby enemies on each hit for a few seconds. A fire proc could add a DoT to nearby enemies. A holy procc could heal you on hit. A Nature procc could increase attack speed etc.
    Depending on the depth the combat system should get the charging ability of proccs could either be good or bad. A fast-paced doesn't need too much depth. Slow-paced combat needs depth to add tactical variety.

    Hope this post is not too general.

  • Great conversation.

    Starting with @john comments about proc and directional attack functionality and through others comments I have my own opinions. Some may already be stated but....

    • Currently some weapons have an elemental damage bonus listed and I assume they function by causing additional damage to a mob that has vulnerability to the bonus type with each hit. I would prefer to see this "Bonus" vs "Proc" that player would active. IMHO activated powers in FPS game should be limited. Was part of alpha/beta/played DDO and became very tired of having 16 hotkey bars littering my screen to activate the many magic items/potions/weapon swaps to max effectiveness in each situation.

    • I feel it would be better to increase the information on gear and how they would affect your character's combat abilities. Example: crafted dozen of BS armor looking for one for each slot that had "hidden" increase to my "Holy Damage" and did the same with wizard gear to increase "Fire Damage" as these bonuses were not listed on the gear but showed on the offensive page character sheet.

    • I do like the idea of weapon types having varied effect based upon mob... example skeleton being hurt by crushing, reduced it for slashing, and greater reduction for piercing. You could break this in to three simple groups such as skeletal/reptilian/soft with damage physical damage type crush/slash/pierce.

    • Further grow this damage "type" model to magical effect, poison as example... reptiles would be less effected than humans or cold where reptiles would be harmed more than humans and skeletons not at all.

    • With base and bonus "type" damage being constant or proc you also have the equipment selection issue. I like your current design of "TAB" for three distinct hot bar/weapon selections is efficient and like it. With your pierce/slash/crush design a player can quickly TAB to appropriate weapon set. If I chose to have three crushing sets and no slashing/piercing as a Cleric to increase spell bonus types for mobs becomes a player choice. To offer too many selections leads to my DDO example and everyone being capable do everything.

    • With scrolls and potions already in game it is once again a choice each player will have to make.. do I give up my "Holy Light" spell so that I can hotkey my "Stoneskin" scroll? That said, I would like to see a slot for one potion and one scroll =) so my ranger can have additional access to Dispel Magic scrolls and Healing Potions without giving up combat skills assigned to "Q and E". But my like is not needed! More challenging and will require group balance at high end if you leave this the way it is.

    • What impact will these have on spell casters..... Does a staff with bonus/proc cold help wizard by proc or per hit or not at all? How does a wizard/cleric select the best weapon for spell type they wish to develop? I like that you are working to create a playable/realistic/responsive combat system that enhances the play for melee and I like the direction you are headed but don't forget to think about next steps and how it affects us who like casting.

    • For caster classes it is a little vague how "type" and bonus/proc would be impact their ability and I am sure you will look at this down the road. I have always been a little confused by the wizard/cleric/ranger weapons math. Ranger Bow does 625 damage with 525 range power, both adding to his arrow damage while staff with 610 damage and 520 spell power only adds the spell power to the wizard spells. This implies a "fixed" base damage for wizard/cleric spells with melee/bow having range of damages with no way for player to see what these damages are. I use the old fashion less than scientific method... equip different weapons and fireball caco's and watch health bar to see if I notice one more effective than other. Secondly, will bonus/proc work for spell casters? Should my cleric favor a weapon with higher damage over one having a bonus? the spell caster mystery continues =)

    FINALLY: To wrap this ramble up into a simple message...

    • I like the simplicity of your interface and look forward to more content.
    • Looking forward to how you develop directional combat and melee effectiveness.
    • Would like to see more data on gear to better evaluate its full impact on character capability.
    • Bonus/Proc makes little difference to me but I don't prefer activation of proc as it appears to be a leader for complication of the simple smooth interface that I like.
    • Equipment needs more information on relationship to offensive/defensive changes on character sheet.
    • Love to see more content in open world and more crafting materials/gear. You can use gear to make characters more interesting (example: Cleric with high holy damage vs high slashing defense)
    • Not talked about but... can't wait to see your new dungeon areas and I want to fight a dragon!

    Keep up the hard work guys.. love what I have played so far and hope that we can help test your stuff to help make this the successful game it can be. Best game I have played in years and with more content/quests will become even better.

  • @mike-dAmihl

    Crusader from wow is very much what a proc is. A passive ability randomly activates in combat that does something. What John is describing reminds me a lot of warhammer online with the combo system. Abilities A, B, C all do something, but using them in succession grants additional effects. It's a great idea and I loved it in warhammer, but to me that's a combo system and not a proc.

  • @Trup

    Sounds similar to the special power attacks in Black Desert as well.

  • @Trup
    To me it sounds like a kind of combination of both. The "proc" is activating randomly (as a proc should do) but you are able to power it up by adding directional attacks. Also it seems like you have to activate it. Example: You are straight-hitting an enemy. The weapon "procs". You can either activate it instantly for a small single-target damage, or power it up by directional attacks to add an increased effect (AoE damage in his example).
    It doesn't sound like a proc in traditional style (randomly activated passive increase of player stats), more like randomly providing an additional attack which can be powered up by special actions.
    Maybe @John can clarify this a little more tomorrow

  • Sounds way too twitchy to me. Combat is busy and fast enough now not to worry about directional swings for extra effects. I much rather like the old fashion % chance to proc during normal swings of your weapon or ranged attack. If combat was more sustained with the fights lasting longer than a couple hits it might be worth it, but not as it is now. Only on bosses would this have much effect.
    my .02

  • @Truborn
    Yeah that's what I meant too. The way enemies are behaving right now is indicating a fast-paced combat, while the combat system itself feels pretty deep and slow-paced. It needs a coherent overall feeling at the moment.
    Example for slow-paced focus: Make enemies slower and let them keep a larger range (this is quite nice overall). Make animations a little slower.
    For fast-paced focus: make attacks a little faster and get directional attacks to hotkeys.

  • Hey Guys,

    Thank you all very much for the insightful feedback. I’m going to try to address all your questions, statements through the post but if I miss any that are critical just let me know. I hope to convey more of what we are looking for and maybe this will give you an idea of what the best recommendation would be.

    So, the whole idea behind directional attacks are that we do want them to mean something. Is it just solely that you hit more enemies or is there more to it? This is where the proc idea came from. The feedback we have received is largely that the combat is fast, which many players say they like but they also say they want it to be more robust…. which we are fine with but doesn’t give us actionable direction.
    Ultimately the improvements we are looking to do internally are basically cosmetic but should make the combat “feel” better. You should NPC’s take the blow from you impact, you should see them die in different ways. These are cosmetic, and should feel better in an FPS than slicing through air.

    That said, we also want the changes to mean something. So here come the responses and hopefully after reading this we would love a form of direction that you and players like you would like.

    • The idea of a proc choice is to allow you to use different weapons based upon your role or situation in combat. It would increase the weapon rotation which may or may not be enjoyable to players. The proc would have some key to use or unleash the proc.

    • It probably is more of a combo system; I think the key take away is do players want to power to activate the proc or leave it as is. Also, we do intend to implement an Enchanting system that would allow players to modify stats on items. A more complex proc like crusader (which does two things) would most likely be reserved for that system.
      • By directional blocking, we mean that like a directional attack you would choose to “block” a given direction increasing the damage reduced, potentially to zero. In addition to that we could add a counter attack ability and potentially increase your speed via a corresponding directional attack, i.e. either directional attack opposite a block has increased speed or any attack opposite a block has increased speed.

    • In addition, just blocking would be a “quick block” if you will and reduce damage but not as much.

    • Blocking speed could be increased to potentially make it more worthwhile to consistently block incoming attacks.

    • A reduction in some ability use (i.e. Champion heal) could necessitate the need for blocking more.

    • A directional block could also have the effect of negating a subsequent directional attack, which would be a greater value against NPC’s that could hit more than one group mate.
      o Chivalry has a combat system that is very good but potentially could slow down the game immensely which is not what we want, we do think parts of combat are too fast and are open to slowing some down. I haven’t played Chivalry in a while but the combat used to be very slow.

    • Weapon swap – Does more fluid mean faster? If so we could look at that, or just bound to another key?

    • Damage Types – we wouldn’t do negative damage, it would just be a bonus to certain types, like how DAOC gave bonus to armor types.

    • Enemy combat speed will probably be slowed down a bit.

    • The combat system when we first started didn’t exist in FPS exactly how we have it. It has some parts true FPS (like COD or BF), some parts Dark Messiah (minus the kicking ) and some parts from mixed Fantasy RPG’s (Skyrim and the like). We ultimately would like to keep if faster paced than slower “more realistic” combat but more immersive than it currently is.

    • How you describe the procs Mike is exactly what we had envisioned. Need to kill multiple enemies in a dungeon, chain lightning weapon proc, need to snare then, Nature or other proc, etc.

    • The proc charging feels more like a console mechanic, and we get that. We think it could be fun, we do intend to launch on consoles eventually and it could be something that could play to both which we are considering.

    • We do not want this to turn into 30 keys to chain combat.

    • We will work to increase the available information on item tooltips.

    • We do want to implement racial (animals and bipeds) benefits and vulnerabilities to NPC’s and players. It wouldn’t be substantial (< 5%) but would add to our development of immersion.

    • We are thinking of a couple options on spell casters, the weapon damage bonus could be additive to the spell but may appear odd (i.e. a fire ball than chains lightning, not sure, maybe), otherwise spell weapons would innately have damage % increase for a spell school (i.e. melee attack power weapons would not have a % elemental damage increase, but spell power weapons could).

    • We intend to give you more action bars, so you won’t have to give up on an ability.

    So, to conclude, maybe we can get feedback on these three questions

    • Proc or active ability (i.e. % chance or you activate based upon buildup)?

    • Keep combat speed or slow it down?

    • Most importantly, what needs to be done to the combat interaction to improve it in your eyes? (Concise actionable steps are always appreciated.)

    Thanks for your time,


  • @John

    • Proc or active ability (i.e. % chance or you activate based upon buildup)?

    I like the idea of active abilities, but I think in the long run you'll have an easier time with a proc system then an active ability system. I would rather see more time spent on class skills and fluidity rather than have an additional elemental ability system. In your lightning example, I think you could do something like:

    • Lesser Lightning - Your attacks and spells have a chance to shock your target, dealing 5% of your highest power as lightning damage. 5ppm.
    • Lightning - Your attacks and spells have a chance to call down a thunderbolt on your target, dealing 10% of your highest power as lightning damage and stunning the target for 1 second. 3ppm.
    • Greater Lightning - Your attacks and spells have a chance to chain lightning into all nearby targets, dealing 20% of your highest power as lightning damage to your primary target and 8% to each additional target within 10 yards. 2ppm.

    As for the directional attacks powering up other abilities, I think you could bake that idea into the existing class skills. I could see something like Mortal Strike having "Mortal Strike's cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds when used after performing a forward power attack." or Blade Fury having "The duration of Blade Fury is increased by 1 second each time you perform a cleave power attack." I think you would need to standardize the 3 directional attacks (forward, backwards, sideways) but could then modify attacks.

    For spells, you could do the same kind of directional attacks. Pressing backwards while casting a spell causes a short charge up before firing off and dealing more damage. Pressing a sideways attacks would cause 3 smaller/lower damage versions of the same spell to fire off. Forward could gain a two-target pierce effect. That way all of your attacks and spells would have a standardized directional modifier that would be the same for all classes.

    • Keep combat speed or slow it down?

    I think the speed of combat as it is right now is fine. I think the larger impacts on combat as it currently is has to do with things like blocking, ability cooldowns, and ability tuning. Something should be done with blocking to make it more engaging so that you can actively block and deal damage. The Champion could gain a shield bash ability with a short cooldown that can only be used while blocking. For ability cooldowns, I would do a tuning pass and lower all of the long cooldowns classes have. Combat should be a mix of auto-attacking (whether that's with an axe or a fireball) and active abilities. Mortal Strike is a great ability, but with such a long cooldown it's not considered a core rotational type of attack. I would much prefer to have MS's cooldown and damage cut in half if it meant I had something the use more regularly than auto attacking.

    • Most importantly, what needs to be done to the combat interaction to improve it in your eyes? (Concise actionable steps are always appreciated.)

    Similar to what I said above, I would start with these points:

    • Make blocking an active effect:

    Champion Skill: Strike your target with your shield, dealing 200% weapon damage as physical. May only be used while blocking. Generates high threat. 3 second cooldown.

    Cleric Skill: Strike your target with your shield, dealing 125% spell damage as holy and healing the 2 closest party members for 3% of their maximum health. 5 second cooldown.

    • Review class ability effects and cooldowns.

    I would try to limit the longest cooldown to 10 seconds. Adjust all of the damage numbers based on this. Combat right now is pretty fast, and I like it. But the ability cooldowns need to brought into the same realm. By doing this, combat will become more engaging because people will be able to use their abilities more often. If Fireball has no cooldown and deals 100% damage, and meteor has a 6 second cooldown and deals 200% damage, I will always have a reason to cast meteor on cooldown.

    Once you do that tuning, then you introduce the directional attack modifiers into abilities. This is where you could create some really interesting effects. Pressing backwards on a Fireball may just overcharge it and cause a higher damage fireball. Maybe pressing sideways on Meteor causes it to hit all targets in the area, or Firewall causes a gout of flames to rush out in a straight line in front of you. A Champion using a sideways Cleave could suck monsters in a 180 to the front of the tank, or pressing forward could do a Bull rush that goes through guys and knocks them down.

    So to summarize:

    • You could have a standardized elemental system, with effects that worked on all skills for all classes, broken into a lesser, normal, greater system.

    • Shore up class abilities and cooldowns, then slowly start introducing directional modifiers. Find out what players feel they are lacking and address it through these directional modifiers. Not everything has to be damage. Rangers may find that they would like some kind of disengage mechanic, so you could bake that into a backwards charge trap that propels them back 20 yards. These changes would probably require an update to the UI and tooltip system, but if you standardized it all then it shouldn't be that difficult. A skill would just have its base effect and 3 variants.

  • I personally, think procs should be random %, not activated by a key. Yes, it would give more control, but also more confusion. It will add more keys that need to be pressed during combat, and if it goes to console, as you want, that would make it more difficult for that.
    Also, being a random ability vs. an activated one will give you more of a reason to farm/craft gear to get a better %.
    For that reason, I also think weapons swap should be fast, so that you could swap a certain weapon so that you could use a proc on it, such as Nature for snare, and then swap back to another weapon for dealing damage. Having slow weapon swaps are annoying, because it forces you to run away as your character goes through the swapping animation, before you can resume the fight.

    Having a quick block speed would be nice, if you could also introduce and effect, like some games have, for a "Perfect Block", which would stun the enemy for a short time period, stagger them, or something like that. (I don't know if anyone suggested this before or not.)

    I think enemy combat speed could be slowed done some. Ranged combat doesn't have much of an issue with combat speed, but melee does, I think. With enemies running at you and attacking from ranged it makes it hard to deal with and survive. Especially, if directional blocking would be implemented, then slowing down combat would be nice, so that you can tell easier which direction to block.
    I loved the melee combat in Dark Messiah. Because Kings and Heroes was compared to it, on Steam, is what caught my attention and brought me here in the first place.

    I like the idea of a buildup for some procs too, that they have to be charged with hits, or kills, but that can be annoying as well. Charging up a proc only to have it fire on the last easy enemy you kill, and needing it for the boss you're about to face.
    Unless, it would be an activated skill, so that you could choose when you want to use it. For me, that would only make sense if it was class based, and you could have just 1 button used that would active that ability. If it was weapon based, could you still have just 1 button to activate it, and also keep it's charge even when you switch to another weapon, or would the charge go away as soon as you swap weapons?

    I think the Action Bars should stay small. It keeps the UI small, cleaner looking, and doesn't lead to having a whole bunch of buttons that need pressed to use skills. Also, it would need to be small for consoles anyway.
    Some skills I have on my action bars, I don't even use that often. There's a few skills that I use over and over again, and some that I barely use.

  • @John

    I like the % proc, and slower combat. Less twitch and more tactics.
    My .02

  • @John said in Combat:

    So, to conclude, maybe we can get feedback on these three questions
    Proc or active ability (i.e. % chance or you activate based upon buildup)?
    Keep combat speed or slow it down?
    Most importantly, what needs to be done to the combat interaction to improve it in your eyes? (Concise actionable steps are always appreciated.)

    After reading your comments on directional attacks/blocking/proc I suspect they all have to work together and compliment each other. Being FPS I understand the need to keep combat fast/smooth/realistic and overall your doing great. I will try and limit my responses to you three questions and attempt to put what I don't like for context on what I would like to see.

    Proc or Active Ability:

    • I don't like the idea of proc (as % chance) as I find myself wondering why it hits the trash mob and not boss and feels like its "out of my hands" and would feel contrary to the play style you have created so far.
    • Do not want to see Combo procs. There are already plenty of games using this model (EQ2/BDO for example) and can lead to spending too much time trying to figure out what I should be doing and frustration.

    What I would like to see is you head down the path of using "bonus damage" on weapons. With three weapon sets you limit my choices but still give me some flexibility. Would be more work developing mob resistance/immunity/vulnerability as apposed to developing weapon proc timers. This would allow me to specialize, say in skeleton hunting by using mace, shield and finding mace with thunder type bonus damage. Carry this to gear bonuses and you could end up with some complexity to challenge math skills but keep combat simple. Additionally, you could add in special effects similar to Diablo III on rings and necklaces to further modify how bonus damages work.. say a ring that has a (rng)% chance to have your bonus fire burst in a radius.

    Combat Speed

    • Already a fan... don't change it. As a note, I play cleric and ranger most and would like to see you give me the option to "tone down" spell effects so I can move down the hall and see where I am headed.

    Combat Interaction Improvements

    • I would like to see you add effects like Champion Shield Bash knocking mob to the floor, Ranger arrow shot to the leg (slow) partially tripping foe, Wizard sleep causing mob to nod off and sway, etc.
    • I like your direction when you talk of blocking with shield. Quick block vs long block. Quick would deflect some damage while long steady could be used to reduce or eliminate damage as you walk at a foe.
    • I like the effect now when I am "blind" as its not a black screen, I can still attack, but it is a real disadvantage. If you can integrate more effects like this into combat it would enhance the play challenge and feel. Say stun causes the screen to warble and stretch
    • Already feeling the effect of knock back from Cacodemon (sometimes) and would like to see you expand this type of effect.. maybe fireball also could light you on fire.....

    One last comment....
    Could go on for hours about little details but I hope you don't depart too much from what you have now. All this said if you added a hotkey to activate a weapon power I could live with that, or, if you had weapon effects show up as options like potions that would work.
    And lastly.. off subject...
    would like to see more open world content/quests appearing and the ability to find materials for crafting....

    and I still want to fight a dragon!

  • I want my next attack to have a 99% to fix the current issues with the games development AND a proc button I can trigger at my own leisure to ADD new content when I feel the game is ready to move forward. How long would this take to implement? What , you think this sounds over powered? Did I mention this should also only be available to the Cleric that would be balanced.

  • Is this thread meant more for hand to hand combat, or also for ranged combat? I didn't know if we needed to start another threat for that.

    I had another suggestion I posted on the Steam forums for a ranged grenade type weapon/spell, but it got buried but I thought it might do well in the context of the game so I am re-linking it here :)


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