More Customization and Personality as well as Possible Races

  • Hello There, General Orrick. Back at it again.

    Now onto the topic of more character personality.

    I honestly believe that you should have a little more freedom with the customization in the game and be able to change how fat or buff the character is or even slight facial tweaking, even that would make people able to have their characters stand out.

    And you should be able to add little things like what kind of enemies your character hates the most when creating them or what other races they like, things like that which can have a small but more role playing feel to the game itself.

    On top of that, I honestly think that there needs to be more races and I have some ideas which I want to give you.

    One of them being a half giant, honestly. Not a lot of fantasy games have pulled this off well with the size and feel but you guys definitely could, A half giant could be larger than an orc and be more con based with maybe 3+ con at the start but - 2 int and - 2 dexterity. I would love the feeling of playing this large lumbering half giant which can stomp and smash through enemies and protect their team much like the goliath from DND

    Fish People, I know you have lizards but I would love to see you be able to play as some kind of fish man who's really good at magic and stealth. I think it would add nicely to the more lonely creature Lizard Person

    Gnoll People, I know what you're gonna say and be like FURRY ALERT! But honestly, Not a lot of games allow you to play as a gnoll who are just crazy hyena people (Forgotten Realms Version) who are blood thirsty for battle. I honestly think that it would be a great addition to the game itself and make it stand out a bit.

    I do have more suggestions, but I'll reveal them more down the line. But here's a few things that I think would fit really well in the game.

  • Size is a pretty big issue honestly. Max size Orcs already have some inherent advantages and disadvantages as Champions over other races, and they already have good racial stats for the Champion class. So I'm not sure they could create something much larger than what we have with the Orc without creating a lot of issues within the dungeons.

    If they are going to add more races, it'll probably be based on what we already have seen, or what they have already designed. The only humanoid model in the game that we can't play as are skeletons, but they all have the same animations has humans, so it's just a visual change. I agree there should be more visual customization and they've said that's something they'll be expanding upon down the road.

  • Well size would be a disadvantage and advantage. But I'm not saying overwhelmingly large, just you know, slightly bigger than the orc. But that's just my opinion and I just wanted to give some ideas.

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