Familars/Pets (Original Idea By Eropa) (Additions To Idea By General Orrick) (HAD AN ERROR)

  • So during the stream on 4-14-17, Eropa, I can't tell anymore. suggested about some pets or familiar type creatures being added to the game and I suggested that we should do a system where some pets can grow larger and maybe some transform into special mounts like a pet raising system, maybe some pets can actually attack as well like four different types of pets.

    Gruntled might add more to this page and stuff because it was his original idea and I just wanted to state my opinion on it as well and even some suggestions to it

    • Storage Classed Pet - A pet that has a spare inventory and can carry items for the player but can also auto loots objects that you may have missed or maybe even help discover secret treasure and maybe some can actually pick lock doors but with a low chance

    • Bruiser Classed Pet - A pet that specializes into combat, it will attack your foes and use special attacks that are a specialized to the type of creature it is. They can be great for solo dungeoneers and maybe even be useful to a party

    • Guardian Classed Pet - A pet that specializes in healing, buffing or debuffing. These pets are meant to protect the player and the team, providing support and help.

    • Exotic Classed Pets - These pets are very rare but very special and sometimes can have the traits of two of the classes stated below but also act as mounts. These would be very hard to find or acquire but are powerful in their own right.

    This is just my idea on how the system would work and I think Eropa seriously had something here. Hopefully he will post his own opinion and stuff like that, but the original idea came from him and I just wanted to give my own input on it. So. Shoutout to Eropa

  • For the Bruiser class pet, how about having your friendly wolf mount being able to attack as a friendly beast?
    Since mounts aren't summon able in dungeons, the same key could allow you to summon it as a pet to attack mobs, etc.

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