The Viking (Class Idea)

  • So when I was watching the stream yesterday, I was thinking about a class when he said barbarian, but not like a barbarian. It was called the Viking.

    The Viking class is hybrid between ranged and melee combat, using both ranged and physical power and with the introduction of the viking, you would get a new item type called javelins which are a throw-able weapon but can be used with a shield. The viking specializes in doing damage while disrupting the enemy and keeping them pinned down under their viking wrath.

    The viking has a special movement style which allows him to use these norse styled picks to climb up straight walls but he can also do something called a mighty leap which allows them to leap with their mighty legs and land down at a target location but they can only jump so far, but they can use the leap to attach to walls.

    Unlike other classes, The viking starts out with a passive called Valhalla's Might, The more enemies which are near the viking, the viking will gain more damage for each enemy near him.

    The viking has another ability which is called Eye Of The Wolf, The viking becomes more attuned to ranged weapons like a stance, gaining more ranged damage and a higher movement speed, as well as attack speed. but in the process loses some melee damage and maybe armor in doing so. The ability has a long cooldown so that players can't just switch whenever they want, it will make them want to think before they enter a boss fight or a room.

    The opposite of this ability is called Eye Of The Bear, It makes the viking become more attuned to melee weapons, they gain more melee damage, higher block chance, and more armor but in the process loses movement speed, ranged damage and some attack speed as well as they draw more aggro in this stance

    Their third ability is Ragnaroks Wrath, The Viking lets out a battle cry before charging like a bull forward and smashing aside any foes in their way, this ability does knock back non-boss foes but can be used to stun bosses.

    Their fourth ability is Thorn Bomb, The viking throws out a bomb or grenade like object which explodes outward sending thorns in a large AOE, which applies poison to foes and does slight basic damage.

    I need to think of more abilities but this is what I got so far, I want your guys opinions on this.

  • I like this idea. It would be cool to have class like this, but I think for special movement Mighty leap would be enough.

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