Quality of life improvements

  • Hello,

    Few things I believe we need.

    • Buy back option at npc for items you sold (Let's be honest, everyone sometimes sells stuff they didn't mean to).

    • Ability to craft multiple items (It takes a lot of time to craft gear with a rarity level you want, so it would be nice to craft 10 or more items without needing to click craft everytime).

    • Attack speed in weapons description (Something like: Sword(Fast), Dagger(Very fast) or something like that).

    • More in depth stats in character window (Critical chance, Movement speed, Attack speed, etc.).

    • Ability to sell multiple of items at once (It could be same as salvaging multiple items, select multiple items you want to sell or chose what rarity items to sell).

  • I Agree life would be much easier with these implemented in the game.

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. I think you will see several of the QOL improvements you mention here in the new UI but you also mention some good ones to add. Thanks for the support and we'll look to get these in the pipeline.



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