The Musketeer (Ranged Tank Class Idea)


    So I was talking with people in the non official discord about a class idea which allow the implementation of black powder weapons.

    The Musketeer would be a heavy classed ranged class, a class which wears heavy armor but uses ranged weapons.

    The Musketeer would do decent damage but nowhere near their DPS counterpart the archer.

    The Musketeers main stats would be dexterity and constitution

    But unlike the Archer, The Musketeer is tanker and build more around supporting their team with heavy impressive gun play and abilities which focus around keeping foes locked down

    Black Powder weapons would be able to hit hard but not be able to reload as fast or shoot as quick as a bow, but black powder weapons are also able to be used the archer as well sense they are ranged weapons

    With The Musketeer comes four new weapon types, Hand Cannons, Flintlocks, Musket, And The Blunderbuss

    Hand Cannons - A large two handed black powder weapon which fires explosive cannon balls which do a small AOE Explosion damaging foes

    Flintlocks - One handed black powder firearms which do a small amount of damage but are the fastest firing and fastest to reload outta all the black powder weapons, they are also able to be dual wielded

    Musket - A long range, high damage firearm, The Musket reloads and shoots slower than the bow but can hit harder and it's got a great range.

    The Blunderbuss - A short range and cone firing black powder weapon, This weapons rounds only go so far but it does high damage against enemies close to the person wielding it, The farther a foe is away, the less damage it does or misses entirely.

    Musketeers Movement Type - Bomb Jumping. The Musketeer gets a ability which they are able to throw down a sticky bomb which can stick to any surface and if they are standing near it, it propels them in a certain direction, this can also be used to knock back foes and such. The downside to this ability is that the musketeer might struggle with some traps and require aid from his allies when he's trying to escape with low health.

    (Basic Attack) Boom! - If the musketeer hits a foe in the head with a black powder weapon, there is a low chance that the foe will instantly die (Doesn't work on bosses)

    I'm still thinking up the rest of the musketeers abilities and I would like some feedback on what I have so far and feel free to add your own opinions, but seriously. I would love to see a class like this added to the game.

  • I actually like the idea of a Musketeer class and here's why; K&H is a FPS/RPG set in a high fantasy world and I feel that a Musketeer class could be made to fit into this type of setting and would be appropriate for this type of hybrid game. Since class balance is important, IMO we should make sure that every class has their thing and that no class steps on the toes of the others. Making Musketeer a tank class would need to be to be done alongside some upgrades to both the Ranger class as well as the Champ class in order to keep the Champ class relevant. As is Champs seem a bit lacking to me as Clerics can basically fill the roles that Champs can but in some ways better IMO (Clerics are basically like Paladins in K&H). Perhaps limiting both the Cleric and Musketeer to Chainmail at some point would be a good move (being that Cleric is my main I hope I don't regret saying that lol). I typically tend to view tanks and CC support as two separate roles. This being said, I like the concept you proposed of making the Musketeer focused on being a more tactical type support class with various ways to slow and CC groups of mobs. If its going to be a pure ranged tank then I would propose making it more of an aoe trash-mob focused type ranged tank and turn Champs into a more melee heavy single target boss tank type class.

  • @Xenrick I can see why you state that, the champion feels a little bit left behind by the more powerful cleric.

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