Class Idea: Witch Hunter

  • " -The witch hunter. An individual with a disdain for the wrong doers of the arcane. Tasked with the burden of hunting warlocks, witches, and any of the other undesirable wretches that lurk in the darkness."

    Essentially the Witch Hunter class would be considered a mid to short range melee class that has a slight affinity for AOE and crowd control. Using tools of the trade such as holy water, silver and gold powders, perhaps idols and talismans imbued with the arcane by the church the Witch Hunter would be more "Tool oriented" rather than casting spells directly from one's own "manapool"

    This classes' prefered weapon would be a whip, chain or rosary for mid ranged combat and a short-sword, claw or dagger for short ranged combat. (Whips do slashing, Chains do blunt, Rosary's do holy)
    Their hot bar would likely be things such as alchemical grenades and/or holy totems. Perhaps even charms taken from creatures, and were then imbued by a Wizard to give the Witch hunter some of the added benefits of the creature's slain (Purely a lore tidbit, but something to consider)

    The Witch Hunter would scale with Dexterity and Wisdom, and use light to medium armors.

    Some abilities I thought up with the concept

    -Whip smack, a harsh crack of a whip, chain or rosary, when an enemy is hit with the tip, it deals extra damage. (Activated with M1)

    -Sword Slash, A slash with a silver/steel alloy blade, claw or dagger (Activated by M2)

    -Bait and Tackle With a swing of the whip, grab onto the enemy and swing it around in an AOE circle, causing damage to enemies in the way as well as deal extra to the one that was ensared

    -Whip grapple. The user grapples the target, and pulls it close delivering a stab with the short blade to provide a decent amount of damage.

    -Gold/Silver Dust grenade. This ability when used provides an AOE effect that deals Holy damage to those inside of it. (Effective against un-dead and lycanthropes)

    -Grappling hook A simple grappling hook that will draw the user toward the target.

    -Vampire's fang. Using the whip on an enemy binds them in place for 3 seconds and saps the HP from them, dealing arcane damage and healing the user for 30% of the damage dealt.

    -lycanthropic leap. A large leap in one direction, if it lands on an enemy it causes a fair amount of damage and can cause bleed.

    -Salt pouch. When thrown at the ground cause a small cloud of salt that can reveal hidden targets and cover the enemy in salt. All subsequent attacks will have a chance to cause extra bleed damage, so long as the effect persists.

    As well as many others, perhaps things that include rituals and meditation that could provide buffs to the party so they could also be more effective against different kinds of enemies.

    I hope you put this class into consideration, and make tweaks where needed.

  • Needs a movement ability my friend and it sounds a lot like the rogue in some cases, the grappling is already in use too.

  • @Hawthorne An interesting concept, but the thing about this game is that gear is not class restricted. A wizard can use a sword and shield with heavy armor, and a champion can use a wand if they so choose. Forcing down a single weapon type would simply limit the player's freedom of playing their way. Also anyone can dodge by pressing left shift.

  • @Ya-Boi-Keyes I shall make the edits required then.

  • @Ya-Boi-Keyes The Class synopsis is about what the class is good at, not if it can/can't use other weapons.

  • I love the basic concept of this! I was longtime Castlevania fan and I also love dark/gothic themed characters with a tragic past, especially when put within a Medieval “age of darkness” type setting.

    That said I view this concept as just a start and not an end result. I think it needs some work but has a lot of potential (as long as Industry Games can avoid any potential copyright conflicts with Konami that is). They need to make the class different enough to be unique to Industry Games. Also from a player’s perspective what you you rather play as? Something called a Witch Hunter class or something like a Noferatu Slayer class? Would you rather feel that you class is meant to hunt witches or hordes of powerful undead? There could be a fun backstory behind this about towns being wiped out due to undead plague (no WoW was not the first game to think of that concept).
    I say change the name of the class to the Nosferatu Slayer class and rework the class mechanics and I think this would be a great addition to the game for multiple reasons. The class needs to be made different enough from Castlevania classes so that they avoid potential copyright issues. Class mechanics wise it's already been hinted at in the game that the current status quo of every class being able to use Plate armor is probably not going to last forever; Therefore, when these changes do happen, a medium armor focused class would work here. Aiming the crosshairs with a chain whip (and hearing that whip cracking sound) would be a fun addition to the game. They would need to add a short to medium range “bullet dropoff” for the whip so that it’s range is limited and doesn’t go on forever (unlike spells or arrows). Dex and Wisdom stats also makes sense for this class. As for grapple (and for that special jump ability) I like the idea of utilizing the whip in his attacks somehow however they would make sure it’s different enough from the abilities of other classes. Something unique to this class (or rework several classes a bit during an inevitable class rebalancing). I recommend against making any of his abilities sound like he has both vampire and werewolf powers (he should be hunting them using powers of his own for a more consistent class backstory). Think Van Helsing.

  • @Xenrick Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure to put it all in consideration! The Vampire/Werewolf thing though was stated in the makeup that he uses totems of the cursed/undead to utilize some of the abilities of the dark, however does not possess them themselves. Think something like Kratos using Medusa's head instead of being a fury himself.

  • @Xenrick Actually, wait... wait... what if instead the whip had the inverse situation, instead of bullet dropoff you're rewarded with more damage IF you actually hit the monster/creature/person with the sweet spot of the whip.

  • @Hawthorne You mean crits? We got that already.

  • @Ya-Boi-Keyes No no, just more damage, Kinda like the Darksouls spear and whip system, They've all got sweet spots that when you hit with the tip, it does more damage, but if you get them with say like the shaft it does less. (but still fair) damage.

  • I think this runs the risk of becoming a "jack of all trades but master of none" type. There shouldn't be a one size fits all "master class" or "master race" to the point of making any of the other classes/races obsolete. Also IMO the best ideas include both strengths and weaknesses. What would be the weaknesses and limitations of the Witch Hunter class?

  • @Xenrick Exactly, This class shouldn't be able to do what every other class can do, but not be better than any and my biggest problem is that it's a theme of a witch hunter and your talking about hunting werewolves, wouldn't that be a werewolf hunter actually?

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