Playable Race Idea: Snake Humanoid (Created By General Orrick and Zuff)

  • Snake Concept

    Alright, I've finally got to this.

    So we had this idea for a humanoid snake race, these creatures would be medium sized while having a long snake lower body and a serpents head while having a humanoid torso. These creatures would have a special trait instead of stat bonuses like most of the other races.

    These creatures special trait would be called Serpents Blood, These snake humanoids can sprint in every direction unlike any other race but the flaw is that they have a lower base health than any other race.

    This would make them great ranged users, allowing them to escape and dash around in different directions to dodge attacks and keep up their own onslaught of damage.

    These snakes would have a slight stat bonus though of 2+ Dexterity, making them mainly dexterity based characters while having -2 to Con

    They would have a male and female version of them and when customizing have different styled heads based on different kinds of snakes.

    So like a cobra styled head, a viper styled head, a boa styled head and maybe some fantasy styled snake head.

    They would be a decently sized race, being larger than the human but smaller than the giant orc.

    Due to them having no legs and only a serpent lower body, armor pieces for the legs, such as boots and pants would act as like a waist coast and the boots would become like tail end caps or tail armor plating.

    This idea can be changed and just updated depending on how others feel about it, feel free to give your own suggestions and own input on the idea itself. The next racial idea that me and zuff will come up with will be the golem and then possibly the fungus people or squid men. So Stay Tuned!

    The name for the race is still in question and how they fit in the lore will be subject to the developers but I think that they would make a nice Egyptian inspired race which could lead up to a whole Egyptian themed desert dungeon where you encounter these creatures and fight them.

  • Updated The Post!

  • Instead of armor give them some type of regenerative plating. I would also give them natural poisons and the ability to constrict their foes.

  • @Xenrick I like that, But I think the ability thing feels weird... That would be a more class specific option. Unless they decide to add racial abilities which I think would be very cool.

  • Personally id love for them to spit venom as well for a cool downed DoT affect...but that might be pushing it. Still I love the idea.

  • @Yammers Oooooo, Like I said though, That would fit if they add race specific abilities.

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