Golem Playable Race Concept (By General Orrick and Zuff)

  • https://thumb.gyazo.com/thumb/1200/_c75e5df7ac0790ddfca5e2e72aef015b-png.jpg - Rock Golem

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302426497950547970/309663669355020288/Golem.jpg - Arcane Golem

    No Wooden Golem Concept Art Yet.

    All Concept Art Drawn By Zuff or Kryopathic!

    This is another concept that was created by me and zuff in our spare time, the golem would be a great addition to the game as a large scaled heavy race, The golem would slightly be larger than the orc and would look like a behemoth.. There could be many different variations of golems too like an arcane golem, stone golem or wood golem.

    The golems would have their own special trait instead of plain old stat bonuses, they would have more base health than any other race and probably 3+ Con with -3 Dexterity. The Golems would also have a base movement speed than the other races due to their large cumbersome size.

    And maybe if it could be added, smaller characters could be able to literally climb on the golems shoulders and ride their allies into battle, This would specifically great for ranged classes and would add more teamwork between large and small characters.

    Golems would be exceptional great tanks, what their whole race is built but not great damage dealers and their natural slowness makes them kind of difficult to move with but if a golem is first into the fight, you can be assured that your safe behind the mountainous wall.

    Now I understand that a larger character would make it hard to maneuver around in smaller dungeons but hopefully there could be some way around this when newer and more open dungeons are added in. I feel the golem would be a great ally and a fun race to play.

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