Class Idea: The Fiend (Ranged/Melee Hybrid) (DPS/Debuffer)

  • General Orrick at it again, and I've been spending time thinking up an idea for a class and heres what I've come up with.

    The Fiend would be a class which specializes in both ranged and melee combat but a master in neither. The Fiend would be a hybrid and use a mechanic different from mana. The fiend uses their own kind of special mana, Blood Lust. Their ability tree mainly consists of damaging single target attacks and abilities which are aoe debuffs which curse their foes.

    Their movement skill is called demonic shift, which they can place down a demonic portal at a location their looking at and then place down one in front of them to travel through the portal and the portal can be used by one other ally, So the portal stays alive for only two transportation before going on cool down again.

    Whenever the Fiend hits a foe with a melee attack or ranged attack, they build up their blood lust and once they have enough blood lust. They are able to cast a mixture of ranged and melee abilities but the downside to this is that the fiend has to get up a steady pace of blood lust to be truly effective. But if they kill a foe, they gain a large chunk of blood lust.

    The fiend also can get a ultimate ability at a higher level which allows them to transform into a demonic entity for 30 seconds and grants them infinite blood lust for that short period as well as buffing their spells. But this ability does cause the fiend to draw more aggro than usual, so one must be careful and use it wisely.

    The fiend uses medium armor which buffs both melee and magical power and their main stat is dexterity and secondary is intelligence.

    Their debuffs would allow them to make their foes do less damage or take more damage as they are marked. Being a great pest towards their enemy.

    Their magical attacks would be a mixture of melee and ranged. Some would be ranged and others would be melee.

    Now I haven't thought up some abilities yet sense I've been focusing mainly on the concept. So if you wish to give some feedback and your own ideas, feel free to. But this is just a concept that I've been stuck on for a while.

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