The Swordmaster (Class Concept)

  • General Orrick Here!

    With a new class concept, The Swordmaster

    Class Difficulty Of Play: Hard

    Main Stats - Con, Secondary Stat - Dexterity

    The Swordmaster would be a heavy armored tank class which has skilled based around using two handed weapons. Masters Of Cone Damage and able to control a large group of foes with their diverse abilities of both crowd control and disruption.

    The Swordmasters Movement Power would be Emperor's Guidance which when the samurai presses the spacebar after their jump and hold it, they will launch forward and upward, spinning through the air with their weapon like a helicopter in the direction they're aimed at, they do this until the player lets go of the space bar or their stamina runs out. The player can't change direction though when using this power.

    The Swordmasters Basic Attack Is called Dragon's Control, Every time the swordmaster successfully hits a foe with their melee strike of a two handed weapon, that foe becomes debuffed for a two seconds, the debuff refreshes on hit. The debuff causes that foe to take 15% more damage all sources, so if the samurai continues to use it on one foe, that foe will constantly have the debuff applied.

    The Swordmastwr First Ability is Last Stand, this skill requires a two handed weapon as the Swordmaster spins around in a circle suddenly, hitting all foes around him with an AOE damaging attack, This attack causes the swordmaster to gain a debuff which causes them to take more 5% damage from all sources for 5 seconds but in return pull aggro from every foe caught in the AOE.

    The Swordmasters Second Ability is Sun Strike, The Swordmasters dashes toward a target, swinging their weapon with all their might, knocking back all foes near the target as well as throwing the target back.

    The Swordmasters Third Ability is Masters Might, The Swordmasters lets out a battle cry as they gain a buff which causes them to become enraged, increasing their attack speed by 35% and damage of abilities and basic attacks by 10%.

    The Swordmasters Fourth Ability is Warrior’s Way, The Swordmasters focuses as they stand still for a moment as they begin to regen health rapidly, but cannot attack or move while this move is active, and as the ability ends, magical energy explodes outward, knocking back all foes who were near the swordmaster at the end of the ability.

    There are more abilities that I’m trying to think up of, but I require opinions on this. So feel free to help out!

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