Chumpion To Champion (Class Review and Re-Work)

  • Alright, It's General Orrick here and I got a bone to pick and it ain't a good bone.

    This has to do with the chumpion, Yes that's the nickname I've given him until I see some change.

    This class is god awful, I'm sorry to say but this is where brutal honesty comes in and says, What the living hell is he suppose to be?




    Can't he make up his damn mind about what he's suppose to be!


    Then he's got himself a shield bash... which is pretty much useless because the only thing it's only good with is well... a shield and it stuns.. THATS IT!

    Then he can become a goddamn rock monster which makes him tough as nails for some reason!

    Then a charge which I don't even know anymore what the hell it does expect for TAUNTING THEM! WHY DOES A CHARGE TAUNT! IT SHOULD KNOCK BACK! NOT TAUNT unless this champion is literally running at the man calling his mother a hagus bag, I don't see much point to this at all.

    Mighty Blow? Excuse Me? This totally negates the taunt from the charge and it does high damage but here's my problem, it seems to only HIT ONE TARGET!

    Immovable Force, Useless because your enemy is always fucking moving and they lose aggro as soon as you activate it.

    Hand Of Judgement? You just pull people... and you can pull allies.. BUT YOU CANT SEE WHERE YOUR AIMING AT AND WHAT YOUR TRYING TO GRAB! There's no indication that you caught something! Like no chain or anything!

    Fist Of Judgement is the most useless thing I've ever seen, Why do you have a knock back AOE that doesn't even taunt? IT just slaps people away?!



    Shield Wall, More like blind me sideways and make a bubble in front of my face which so called blocks arrows and projectiles but who really cares when the enemies die in like a few seconds.


    I've never seen such a pile of a garbage of a tank than the chumpion, this a god awful skill set which has nothing to combo with. All of these abilities felt thrown together.

    A tank should have tank abilities, Stone Skin is fine, I like it but it's very lack luster and makes little sense to what the champion can do.

    Bash? You don't need this skill at all, It's just like mighty blow but worse and it stuns. Replace it with some kind of AOE Taunt or something, because the goddamn chumpion can't seem to hold aggro worth a damn.

    A healing power? On a fucking tank? No, IT would be better to replace this with some kind of war cry which buffs the entire party, giving them more damage or something, this would make the chumpion more effective in a large scale boss fight or going through rooms, more useful to the teams

    Cleave and Unstoppable gotta go, A tank doesn't need attack speed, he's not DPS, he's a tank. Why not give him some kind of more supportive abilities which benefit the team, things like that. Even better, some kind of roots, slows or silence ability to block incoming spells.

    Immovable Force will never ever be used, give him a large AOE damage attack or something to do a lot of damage to a large crowd.

    Shield Wall feels very useless as well, why not switch it out for some kind of mobile shield which the chumpion uses to support his team and block the incoming projectiles while being able to move instead of just having this half pill sized sun in your face.

    Hand Of Judgement is fine, just needs a little bit of tweaking to the effects so you CAN see directly what you grabbed, like a chain or something

    Fist Of Judgement is totally unworthy, this should be turned into some kind of large AOE damaging spell as well, or a large AOE stun, it would be much more effective in a team fight than what we have now.

    Charge shouldn't have taunt, it should knock back foes when you charge them, that would mean charge would be great for saving a team mate before they get attacked by charging a foe and knocking away from the team.

    Might Blow is meh, but it's fine as is.

    Demon's Bane, HES NOT A PALADIN! HES A CHAMPION! Give him something cooler like he draws aggro with his basic attacks because being smacked by a big heavy armor dude is pretty scary and you would wanna take him down first. I don't know.

  • Mighty Blow is the lowest cooldown ability in the game along with Cleave, does good damage and increased threat. Not sure what the problem is here. If it was an aoe ability then it would need to have a much longer cooldown, and wouldn't be any different from Cleave which already deals good damage, generates good threat, and has a very short cooldown.

    Charge is a 4 second cooldown ability that moves you to the target, deals good damage, and increased threat. This is a perfect tanking ability.

    Bash is a 2 second stun on a short cooldown. This is very useful for peeling mobs. And aoe taunt isn't needed, and would just turn the class into easy mode. Charge, MB, Cleave, MB. It's a pretty simple rotation really.

    Unstoppable is a crucial skill for pushing higher difficulty content because it gives you stun and movement cc immunity. Nothing will wipe your group faster than the Champion getting stunned on a pull. The attack speed buff just increases your tps.

    Immovable Force is also an excellent ability if you know how to generate and manage threat. I've tanked many elite packs with several guys using blessing of might on them with a rotation of the Champion's dr abilities.

    I agree with that Shield Wall is lackluster and could use a change. FoJ has some very limited uses, but overall could use a change as well.

    Seems like you are asking for the Champion to just aoe taunt everything with every button press. Yes, the Champion is the best tank in the game, yes they are able to hold threat, and no, it's not as easy as hitting whatever button and expecting everything to be on you. You have to pick and choose what targets are dangerous enough to tank, and then you have to actually tank them. Aside from Shield Wall and FoJ, the Champion kit is one of the most polished in the game.

    If you're having problems holding aggro then you're either under geared, under leveled compared to your party, or are just not doing it right. I've tanked multiple Insane runs with some of the highest dps/most well geared people on the server and haven't had much issue. The Champion isn't designed to just run into a room, hit a button to grab everything then just stand in place while the group kills everything. I agree the class could use a few tweaks, but it's not nearly as needed as some of the other classes right now.

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