Patch 52 Feedback - WIP

  • Misc:

    • Boot models are still being cut off when logging into the game. Normally unequipping your pants and boots then reequipping them corrects the issue. If you start or leave a dungeon, the issue seems to go away as well.

    • Boss Cards are great. Boss Cards aren't great when they are sitting in the middle of my screen and there are still mobs alive killing me.


    • Please look at the sorting on known patterns. Void Reaver and Corrupter are on Page 2 where they should be at the top of the list since they are the highest skill patterns I know.

    • Please display the skill level of the pattern somewhere on the UI. It may not matter at max leveling, but while leveling a profession knowing the skill level of the item is required to gauge what gives a skill up and what doesn't.

    • When moving an item from one bag to another, can you please add some kind of visual indicator when I'm lined up to drop it in the new bag?

    • Two Handed Bows/Staffs/Weapons text on the Item tooltip in the inventory pane aren't completely shown.

    • If I equip 3 items that have melee, ranged, and spell stats, such as power and crit, my UI only shows the melee and spell stat values, and nothing is listed for ranged.

    • The tooltip stats should match what's in the character sheet. For example, an item says Melee Crit 4%, but the character sheet says Melee Critical Damage.

    • Taking a Steam screenshot causes the UI to disappear and it never comes back until you change zones.

    • Melee Power Increases and Attack Speed Increases on the item tooltip cut off the increased or decreased amount.

    Ice Caves:

    • Hitches transitioning between most floors.

    • Hitches when approach any of the large jumping rooms or ice pit.

    • Lagged out on Floor 7 entering the large jumping column room. There are a lot of clipping issues at the bottom, such as being able to run through pillars and such, but I was able to find a place to wall run back up.

    • Where are the Forges? There are breakable walls, but I haven't found any functioning forges behind them.

    • Rock pile loot in Insane are all generic green items. Would be nice if there was some variation.

    So there is a loading problem on Floor 10. This ice block is blocking the path forward to the boss on Floor 10.alt text


    • Frozen Dagger has the wrong icon.

    • Frozen Battlehammer is missing the icon.

    • Violent Cold-Forged Gauntlets are misspelled.

    • Ferocious Ice Fury Chestplate appears to have the wrong icon and model.

  • Thanks Trup, we are reviewing this morning.


  • I found a bug when streaming with Taylos last week during the community stream Jump to about 18 minutes, that's where I got stuck in the world when jumping/floating down, got stuck next to a beam.
    Also when I rejoined the dungeon in-progress when everything was loading it looked like I was falling in space and could see a couple of planets. Probably part of the UE4 skybox?

    Also the Patch notes hotkey "L" no longer works or brings up any info, would be nice for it to have an option to automatically show upon first launching the game the first time so players can see what was chanced in case they don't keep up with the forums or dev chats.

    Another suggestion is to have it show on the bulletin board at the main gates with the use key instead of having it as a keybind

  • @Trup said in Patch 52 Feedback - WIP:

    So there is a loading problem on Floor 10. This ice block is blocking the path forward to the boss on Floor 10.

    There are few more places with this bug.0_1495120360583_20170518160429_1.jpg

    0_1495120388115_20170518180539_1.jpg 0_1495120408483_20170518180549_1.jpg

    And one new.0_1495204004619_20170519172252_1.jpg

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