Could mount and dismount from the horse or wolf be added as as a single function button instead of two?

  • IMO, I think mount and dismount should be a toggle instead of having to take up an ability slot or going in your inventory and selecting it, then press G to dismount.
    I generally have the mount in slot 8, but then when playing it gets cumbersome to hit "8" to summon and then "G" to dismount, Maybe bind it to the "N" key by default to toggle on and off, or at least be able to use the current ability key again to dismount, I'm not sure why dismount is on a separate key? Is it because you cannot attack while riding?

    I haven't tried playing with a gamepad that much either, but I think it would be beneficial as well to have it is a toggle since there are less options for keypresses vs a keyboard.

    I did a quick photoshop on being able to select to add what mount you want to use on the Inventory Screen, could place it on the bottom of the UI between the boot and trinket, that way you can choose with mount you want to be able to use with the toggle.


    Thoughts/suggestions anyone?

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