Patch 10/21 Feedback

  • Firstly, the game looks fantastic. Not sure what graphic changes you made, but I'm loving it.

    • Cave Wolf Alphas seem to have a lot more health than other guys. I would also like to see the timer on their little side to side move increased by maybe 2 seconds. Right now they're just zipping around all over the place.

    • The range on the clickables is a little off. The message to press the button appears before I seem to be in range to pick it.

    • Some boxes in Cave I can break, some I can't. Just want to make sure this is intended.

    • My first run of Caves I couldn't find an exit to level 2 so I ported out.

    • Great Sword, Frostbound Mallet of Blight don't have an icon.

    • It appears you removed being able to configure the dungeon size. Intended?

    • Jorin got hung up on the terrain and I also didn't get a kill log in the combat log for him. Also the boss card was just two slashs of blood and no card.

    • Debuff icons over player heads remain after the target dies.

    • There are quite a few items missing icons. What's the best way to report them?

    • Some crafting component tooltips aren't loading while I'm in a dungeon.

    • Ask Warren if he forgot to put Ancient Chokers on the mobs.

    • Big empty circular room on 3 that was empty. Missing boss?

    • Had the level fail to load on floor 4. Submitted a ticket at the coordinates.

    • I was getting some major lag on level 4. After I ran into the spot that didn't load I took the other path the deadended. I was getting some hitches heading down, but come back up was really bad. Had a lock up at one point for several seconds.

    • So I decided to jump into the abyss and it ported me and loaded the level.

    I'll keep updating as I go.

  • Not sure how to edit my post.

    So I figured out how to proceed. Sneaky, sneaky.

    And I just want to say that the level transition is fan-fucking-tastic.

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    Berserker Orb of haste: No image
    Darkened Shield of Divinity: No image.
    Venomous Great Sword of Savagery: No image
    Luminous Shield of Divinity: No image
    Hungering Orb of Blight: No image
    Berserker Broadaxe of Haste: no Image

    Sorry, but I just noticed them in the inventory and do not know exactly which Mobs they dropped from in the Cave (levels 1-4)

    Divine Shield taller (shoulder level) and more apparent. Puts shorter characters at a visual disadvantage. Can you scale by height so it is at the waist?

    Occasional, but consistent, horizontal jerk when fighting. Almost as if I were hit by a mob. But no mobs around.

    Pressing shift (double shift?) now makes me move backward.

    Below is what I see with Smite and Divine Shield. It makes a cool screenshot and picture for my deskstop... but over time... :( I now have a headache... will try again later. Maybe as a rogue.


  • Mb - Double shift seems to jump you in whatever direction you're pressing, and backwards if nothing. Give it a try. I assume this is the dodge they are talking about.

    • Another big empty room on 5. Hope you guys didn't forget to load up the bosses.

    • Campfires are cool. Would be much cooler if they gave some kind of buff. Maybe increased health regen for a few minutes.

    • Getting some major hitches on 6.

    • Couldn't find the path to floor 7 from 6. Everything was a deadend.

  • My cleric is well over a head taller than Mbenu and my divine shield is hardly visible on my screen as it comes to just above my waist. Does impose a visual challenge for short characters.

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  • Hey,

    Thanks for the feedback, we already have another patch for this afternoon while I'm still trying to get the notes together. Keep the feedback coming and we'll get it fixed.

    As far as specifics, the name of the npc you got the bad item from and the item name is what we need to fix.



  • So this is feedback specifically for Caves being the starting experience.

    • The pacing I think is great. By the time I hit a salvage station I had a few pages of stuff, but wasn't hitting capacity before reaching a station. You could even increase the mobs per floor by 5-15 and it would be okay.

    • There should be some kind of indication on floor 6 when the dungeon has been completed. Maybe a portal, or a message, or a chest of some kind, I'm not sure. But some kind of indication that the dungeon has been completed would be nice.

    • When the Seers have fire shield, they easily become some of the hardest guys in the dungeon. Not sure how fire shield works at lower levels, but without dispel they become harder than the mini-bosses.

    • New players may not know about breakable walls, so you may want to give a visual update to the wall behind the waterfall and use it to teach players that mechanic.

  • Just tried the 10/21 patch a bit tonight solo, since I could not get a group going.

    In the Caverns of the Wild, I noticed right off the bat, the wolves were attacking the NPC, Jervis, and doing no damage to him, and ignoring me playing as the Wizard, not sure if that's intended or not. :)

    Also the quests that he gives you, like collecting 10 pelts - after you collect them and have to run all the way back to the beginning of the caves again to claim your reward. Is that intended, or will he appear again later on in the dungeon to collect the reward? I think it would help if we have to do backtracking maybe implement where he can get color Rim Shader, or show up on the compass, so it's easier to get back to him. Also I didn't get any reward for the 2nd quest he gave, the larger wolf pelt.

    I found a 'fire club of incinerating' (I think that's what it was called) in the dungeon so I started using it right away, but I noticed it does not have a block function like all the other melee weapons, it seemed to just to do a standard swing attack instead, not sure if that's intended as it's a first time I used a club weapon.

    Another bug I noticed if you have Enable UI addons left on in the options menu, it will not show the new chat logs what you killed and items you received, but it will still show them the old way with the icons and descriptions in the lower right.

  • @Gruntled-Employee Hi gruntled, I have uploaded a new set of the modpack just now. This should work correctly with the recent patch. Let me know if there's still any trouble :)
    You can find the link in the guide.

    • The second quest of Jarvis did not show any quest text for me and no rewards (The one with the extraordinary wolf pelt).
    • Cave failed to continue to load on level 4 (Maybe close to level 5). I jumped into abyss and had to close the game. Enemies were floating in the distance. It was similar to the loading problems Crypt had. (Happened both times I got to Level 4 Cave) Steam Screenshot
    • Ancient Choker don't seem to drop from Darkspire enemies. I've found the Nightstalker on Level 1 and got no [Ancient Choker] up to level 4.
    • Slashing a Bastardsword through enemies is the best thing now :D Thanks for that!
    • Blocking Animation with the Bastardsword is not visible in First Person, in Third Person it works.
    • Jorin the Salty is most times (maybe always) stuck in a wall (also encountered him just standing in the middle of a room).
    • I really like the new special enemies (the ones with the sword/shield icon above their head). I assume that they get more damage and HP. Most times this seems to work, but sometimes they are the same as the normal enemies.

  • Like the new chat screen. Handy to be able to click on the tabs to filter types of messages. Would like to see party chat in a different color... the green is hard to distinguish from the loot message while in combat.

    Would like to see more combat info added.

    UI still needs to be optimized. I'd like to see the crafting screen go to something like the salvaging screen where you can see the world and the chat screen when crafting.... still.

    Sorry to keep asking for the same thing... oh wait... not sorry :)

  • Artist...

    Can no longer paint "Belts"... makes for an odd looking mid section on my wizard

  • @Thalious-Stormlord said in Patch 10/21 Feedback:


    Can no longer paint "Belts"... makes for an odd looking mid section on my wizard

    Blacksteel Pauldrons still can only have one dye applied as well.

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