The Void Lord (Ranged Tank Concept)

  • General Orrick Again, After doing some talking with Ever about the musketeer and the concept of it.

    I've decided to go back to the drawing board.

    I can't spoil the reason why for this, but I can say that some things about the musketeer might not work!

    So I took a different route! I decided to look at the elements and found that there could be a class based entirely around void magic.

    The Void Lord would be a heavy armor ranged tank which uses dark magics to control the battlefield and protect his party from harm but in the process, make his enemies fear his name and cause terror into their hearts.

    The Void Lords Double Jump Movement would be Tendril Leap, They lash out a tendril during their jump and it quickly attaches to an area before flinging them in that direction, like some kind of spider man leap with webs, Unlike the archers grappling hook, this move doesn't reel you in, it literally flings them toward whatever their tendril grabs.

    The Void Lord would be a magic power class and have starting stats of 3+ constitution and their primary stat is constitution and their secondary is wisdom. They would specialize in staffs

    The Void Lord specializes in crowd control but in a strange way. The Void Lord uses dark magic to fear and curse his foes. Able to keep the aggro, now the void lord is not as tanky as the champion but what makes him so great is that he can be more mobile while keeping aggro.

    The Void Lord's first ability which is his primary attack is called void's grasp where they launch out tendrils from their hand and this attack is held down, but it reduces some of the void lords movement speed. Think of it like a flamethrower really. As long as the button is held down, the tendrils will hit their foes, doing tick damage every 0.5 second. On top of this, it applies a debuff to the foes hit which makes them have their damage reduced by 5%. This debuff refreshes if the voids grasp is maintained onto the foe but if not, it only lasts for 1 second.

    The Void Lords Second Ability is Horrific Scream, The Void Lord lets out a wailing scream which taunts all foes in front of them in a cone. This is meant to help the void lord keep aggro.

    The Void Lords Third Ability is Nightmarish Eruption, The Void Lord's arms turn into large tendrils as he then slams them down causing a shock wave which knocks back foes in front of him. This is meant to help the void lord gain some room if they horrific scream and suddenly get cornered. This does some decent damage

    The Void Lords Fourth Ability is Corrupting Hurl, The Void Lord suddenly vomits out a large chunk of some kind of dark slime ball, if it hits a wall, the floor, or a foe, it explodes in an AOE doing minimal damage but in return, it debuffs all the foes hit, slowing their movement 15%

    The Void Lords Fifth Ability is Tentacle Panic, The Void Lord lets out a horrific scream before beginning to flail it's tendril arms around and gain a movement speed buff on top of a damage reduction buff. This is meant to help the void lord get out of a bad situation if need be so that they have a chance to be healed.

    The Void Lords Sixth Ability is Unpronounceable Ability Name, The Void Lord suddenly goes into a frenzied state and gain a very strange buff for 5 seconds. Their movement controls becoming inverted as well as their view controls becoming inverted but in return their abilities have extremely low cooldown and do increased damage. The whole time, the void lord is screaming like a manic and saying random gibberish.

    Still thinking up more ability ideas, but I think this idea is a strange one and would oddly fit into kings and heroes, even though it seems a bit comedic.

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