PvP Seige feedback

  • I just wanted to make a quick post about some thoughts I had yesterday after playing with the devs on the live stream. It was both fun and frustrating at the same time :)

    -The key to bring up the scoreboard was not initially working for me. During the stream @Ever said it was supposed to be set to the backslash \ key, but on mine the "MenuPvP" was unbound, and when binding \ to that it worked for me.

    -I know there is no mini-map working now when you press M but when you guys implement it I hope it will also show icons and of you and your teammates and players they can see.
    In the meantime I suggest maybe putting an overhead map on the screen in the Guildhall where you first join the mode with game description, so we can at least get a general layout of the map.

    -Enabling the green Rim Shader for teammates from the PvE mode or having teammate icons on your HUD would help a lot with grouping. I found a lot of times yesterday when I died and respawned back, I had no idea where my teammates were so I could go an assist them. Also, generally if you respawn at the same time as your teammates does it spawn you in the same area?

    -Another suggestion which I think has been discussed in the past elsewhere, but it's very apparent/annoying now with PvP mode is to show how much damage you are doing against others, and when you get hit, to show what direction on the HUD you are getting hit from. This would also help in PvE.

    I found UE 4 example with quick Google search
    Video from an UT 2017 DM Map with it in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSHT4vsA5lE

    Something like this would benefit too that shows the various elemental damage:
    Unreal Engine 4 - Damage Indicators https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1j2CWtcVec

    Also I posted a thread on the steam forums last year for a grenade type weapon that would work well in PvP

    -Allow for players riding on mounts. While attacking when riding would be nice, at least riding around on the map to get from tower to tower it would help a lot since the map is somewhat large.

    -Allow for CPU/AI mobs on the map - For example you could have each of the towers occupied by different races, so when the round starts it would initially be occupied by the AI/mobs guarding the tower, and your team would have to fight them first before gaining control of that tower.
    Then maybe after capturing the tower you could have a point/coin/buy system where you can "hire" or spawn more of the same AI enemies to help guard the tower from the other teams?

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    We'll look into why some people don't automatically get the new keybindings setup when we add new keys.

    We are working on a map for PvP that will show you the capture points and other points of interest. This applies for the other PvP maps as well. We will also be looking in an easier way to notice teammates either from the map and/or with the rimshader.

    We are looking to implement a damage log, and that is in the works soon, but we do want to finish our item revamp so that armor and weapons are more in line with our final vision.

    We have also planned to have NPC AI's in the map to overcome for the capture points, as well as to potentially be there to help secure the keep in the middle of the map.

  • I agree with a lot of what Gruntled posted.

    1. I don't think the team that is holding a capture point should respawn within the same capture point. There should be some lag time between killing them and them getting back to defend. There needs to be some kind of window of opportunity to make a large chunk of progress on flipping a node if you wipe the opposing team.

    2. I'd like to see some physical objects looked in in relation to Wall Run. I was unable to run up most of the vertical structures because there is a lip at the top. Kind of mad that I can watch Rangers zip lining through windows or Clerics hovering between nodes, but I can't run up a wall.

    3. Door Health needs some kind of balancing. If I'm attacking an undefended keep then it shouldn't take me very long to bust down the door and take the node. I also think the the overall door health of all nodes owned by a team should decrease for each node owned as well as over time to prevent stalemates.

    4. I would like a way to ping my location to alert my teammates. It would be great if there were multiple types of pings like a moba.

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