Keeping constant crashing

  • After a longer break I returned to the game. First my characters was gone but they returned after a relog but then the games crashes constantly at random with the error message Lost connection to the d3d device. From 5 attempts to enter a dungeon only one was successful. And even then I was crashing after short time.
    Win 10
    Radeon HD 6950
    More than 100 GB free
    12 GB RAM
    Most recent drivers for the graphic card

  • Hi Gunthar,

    Thanks for coming back. We're sorry you ran into an issue. I ll forward this to Jason (our lead programmer) and will ask him to respond.



  • Gunthar,

    We are currently integrating a newer version of the Unreal Engine which should help resolve the particular d3d errors you are seeing. However, your video card is slightly under our minimum spec; to allow for this can you confirm you are running at low settings? Also you can try running the game in Shader Model 4 mode by adding "-sm4" to the Launch Options; this is an older render pipeline that can give some stability and performance to older cards.

    Let us know what happens, thanks.

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