Combat Suggestions

  • Aggro
    Since a lot of people are going off about aggro would be nice for a more detailed explanation of its mechanics in the game. In the form of a tutorial or information in a journal. Giving the players the necessary tools to understand aggro and how it plays a role in your game.

    Seems a lot of the class damage is based around instant output and impact of the damage it would be nice to see some more damage over time abilities. Perhaps with the necro this would be easier to implement with abilites that revolve around weakening, death, and decay.

    The mage can light enemies on fire it would be an interesting mechanic if their flame abilities have a percentage chance to light them on fire. This can directly transition into weapon effects and it would be cool if we had instant damage weapons that tack on a little of whatever element it is with their base damage and another subset that would give a percentage to proc a DOT of the given element. Caster weapons would be nice if they reflected the element on their weapon set as well thus when I’m casting fireball or magic missile it would augment my attacks as it does melee.

    Information from Combat and During Combat
    I have the desire to know the kind of damage output I’ve done in a dungeon so I can get better. Something to add might be your training dummies in town that display damage they receive, At the end of a dungeon to give a stat sheet as to who did what. Examples: Damage Taken, Damage Done, Kills, Deaths, Revives, ect… Something For the group HUD if there is an effect on a player the icon of the effect is displayed next to their name allowing fast and easy recognition of what’s happening to your party. Allow the option to have percentage and number options for the health and stamina so when we are killing a boss it’s not a guess as to how far it is away from dying and we get a general understanding of how hard an enemy will be to take down. There are some enemies that are more of an elite than those around it would be nice to have a different health bar art or something that makes them stand out from the rest of the cannon fodder. On a far note maybe allow players to turn on floating damage/heal indicators.

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