Additional Crafting Skills

  • Enchanter
    Ability to enchant weapons an armor using relics and magic artifacts. Things such as effects and resistances and whatever else comes later in the game. Using maybe 20 fire relics will enchant a weapon with a fire damage with a chance to augment the weapon with other abilities such as crit rate or attack speed. The same would go for armor but instead of damage this would grant resist. I understand that 20 may be a steep price and the recipes would have to go under balancing 20 was just something that quickly came to mind and is in no way an exact number that would be balanced. Possibly tie into primary stats such as intelligence and wisdom. I understand this was brought up awhile back by Trup in a previous thread. So would love to hear some feedback.

    Ability to cook food utilizing meats found on animals and various plants found throughout the world. The food once consumed will grant buffs perhaps related to crosknight’s post found here:

    PS: Goat recipes

  • Enchanting is coming. The first pass is going to be rebalancing all of the classes and abilities, which you should be seeing in the near future. That should also include the first pass at updating items. Crafting updates will probably come after that, and hopefully enchanting can be included. It's tough to nail down a brand new profession until the base classes are balanced and tuned properly.

    And I hope I don't get in trouble from John for saying this, but work on enchanting has already been started and it's something I'm working on (along with a bunch of other things).

    What would be great is a discussion specifically on enchanting. Questions to think about would be:

    1. Should enchanting be for all slots, or should it only be for select slots?
    2. Should there be many generic enchants, or fewer, more impactful enchants?
    3. Would there be multiple ranks of enchants?
    4. How would a player gather the materials needed for an enchanting?
    5. Should you only be able to enchant your own gear, or should enchanting create an item that can be traded and applied to an item?
    6. Should there be variable qualities to enchants like there are with gear drops?
    7. What kind of enchants should there be? Should it just be flat stat increases, procs, new things?

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