Class Balancing + Game Changes

  • Hi dear Community, since im playing the game for some time now i have some suggestions for class balances in this game and other stuff:


    The Archer is okay i guess, it would be nice if you would be able to have some more survivability for range/aoe effects ( in my opinion a debuff with big cooldown would be best). Maybe a "second chance" passive for revive yourself with a big cooldown (5-10min) wouls be nice if it isnt too op.

    Priest and Tank:

    The Priest is the only worth class for supporting atm cause it has the heals shields revive all in this class. The tank is pretty useless since it cant hold the aggro on him in teamfights and his stuns etc. dont have enough impact. In my Opinion the Shield for the party should move to the tank class, also he should get a aoe taunt for get a massive impact when your group gets runned by a greater group of enemys. The priest could get another shield ability instead with a big cooldown (for like 4-5 min) which is for 30s-1min and prevent the team from getting too much damage from enemy abilitys (like mage aoes etc.). The heal should get a better range so the priest can stay in the backline without risks and still pull out his full Potential. Both classes also need some solo improvement so they can also make solo dungeons and arent group-only(opportunity players wont be able to enjoy them otherwise; and you shouldnt be forced to play another character cause your hero need 2min to kill 1 creep). Maybe it would be worth f.e. giving the tank a %life atk spell and the priest a good single target spell with high damage spike and low cooldown (5-7sec).


    This class is a little overpowered atm since you get get high reward at low risks. Its really fine to have a solo monster whos also useful in teams, but it isnt fair when this class has most stuns most damage, a good def spell and the biggest kit ingame. The stun spell should get a higher cooldown and 1 s. Less durability, the dash behind an enemy shouldnt be stunning the enemy for more than 1-1,5 seconds and the invis. Spell need a higher cooldown and less durability (works only 2 minutes at 10 seconds cooldown for example)

    Minor Problems:

    i know youre working on the huge lag problem atm, so i guess that will be fine in some time.

    Some enemys( mage,archer )make a incredible amount of damage while being 1 hit themself. Please make them like 20-25%more tanky and 20% less damage.


    The biggest problem and one of the most frustrating deaths after lagging to death is being stun-locked. In my Opinion it would be best if you build up resistances when you get disabled , for example you get stunned by trap for 3seconds, after that the rogue stuns you just for a half instead of 2 seconds. Also the duration of poison and bleeding is a bit too high in my opinion with 20 seconds. It would be nice if you could lower them to 10-15 seconds.

    Looting System:

    A game like this is the best when you play in a group (real life friends, the alchemyst archer who just gifted you some pots, funny guys in discord etc.). Atm the enemys arent really getting stronger when you play with more people and only 1 person gets the loot, which makes a party pretty useless for players who can solo/duo dungeons(for example the rogue and the archer are going for some grinds while the priest in the lobby cant get a group cause hes a useless "item stealer" for the other 2 players). The mobs need to get stronger (like really stronger) when playing in a group, but the bosses must drop loot for everybody in the party in my opinion (while making em stronger remember the tanky enemys dont really need a buff hard to put out anyway, but all others need much more tankyness). Also in my Opinion it would be good when groups have a small loot buff (like getting 30% drop chance for a red in a 5 man party instead of 25%solo/per Person in 1 Dungeon Run). This would increase the groupplay and everybody would be able to find a group fast, even when there are bigger differences in equipment (can happen when there are just a few players online). Because most players in high level are hardcore- grinding, i think there could be much more partys when grouping is gonna be worth it; and thats why in my Opinion is the most important thing to patch atm.


    Powerleveling is fine in my Opinion , but i think you should be also able to carry your character to 50 by yourself in a small amount of time ( would be helpful when you need 40%less xp between lv 20-50), also it might be good when lv 50 could get a huge xp buff item with like 200-300 % (not tradeable) so you can play up your secondary characters and learn them by yourself and not only getting powerleveled to 50 without knowing your character.

    Players and friend list:

    • Your frindslist should add accounts, not characters, so you can play every char and still see who of your friends is online even when he plays another class

    • in EA there arent much people online at the same time. In Order to make grouping easy and also for new players possible, you should be able to see everybody who is online atm even when hes running a solo dungeon. Since there arent many people online, it might also be nice to have a world chat so the lv 50s solo farming can still see when somebody has a Question or is lfg. You should be able to turn on/off if you dont want to be shown online for every player and the chat so it dont disgust solo players too much ( or people who just want to have some time for themselves ingame).


    For less frustrating moments,add a rebuy option in the stores so you can get back the red you sold by accident(You should be able to rebuy by every merchant f.e. you gave it to that summoned demon your still able to get your items back at the market place).
    Also it would be nice when you could click into the amount of items you like to add, so you can buy for example 500 Health pots without clicking around for 20 seconds.


    it would be nice if the map would have points for every special character like the the clothes painter and the alchemy mats seller so you hold your mouse over the point and see what this guys gonna do for their living.

    A Minimap in the dungeon would be nice(only explored territory) so you always can track your team and dont get lost cause youre running in the wrong direction. ( You wouldnt need it after several runs in a dungeon normally, but as a beginner youll have trouble with the Oriantation with most maps (Like the first one, the crypt dungeons etc.).

    Item Lock and warning:

    It would be great when you could lock your items so you cant sell them by accident (so youre not selling youre pots/scrolls you have in use atm, demon backstone and horse)
    Why the ♥♥♥♥♥ can you even sell your backport stone demon and horse?... Just lock them guys, not tradeable and sellable anymore. You shouldnt even be able to destroy them, just put them in storage when not needed.

    Red Items: Make a warning when youre selling red items like : you pressed all selected items. Really wanna destroy that red you farmed 6hrs for, you idiot?!?


    It would be nice if you could set the fps in the options... i would like to play on 160 fps at least but somehow it feels like its capped to 60 fps or smt

    Also it would be nice if you could turn on an option to see your ping / FPS ingame

    That were just some ideas i had about when thinking of optimizing the game and make it more fun. I didnt make suggestions to mage since i didnt played him enough, and for items i know they are still in-work and getting optimized by Trup so im waiting for a later time to add some suggestions.

    At the moment the most important Changes are Looting System, Friend/ People List and the Item lock ( i guess they arent taking this much time in Creating too, so it could be patched in a short amount of time).

    Thanks for hearing me out, sorry for my bad englisch and grammar (if you want to have me with good grammer and stuff, make it like everybody else and learn german, dumbass!)

    Hope to see you ingame, feel free to add me on steam or write me in discord/game (Discord: Bxboss; the Surpreme Grand poobah of This and That) ( Ryu, Bxboss, NoRescForYa and Cyrelle ingame).

    Feel free to add your Opinion and ideas down in the comments ( and Ever; when you dont optimize the chat and friend list stuff youll birn in hell)

    Have a nice day and some reds

    Ya BxBoss/Fro ya ♥♥♥♥

  • Just got another Idea:


    Trash mobs (you know this guy you rek and dont even know why you dont just ignore them) have a chance to drop runes. Only trash mobs drop runes and every enemy has same drop chance and can have white green blue purples and mbe. red drops. Then there are like 3 different types of runes with like 15 slots (drop from Archers, Clerics and Mages) 10 Slots (drop from Rogues and animals/monsters etc.) and 1 with 3 slots (drop from tanks). Of course the higher the difficulty the higher the stats. The runes could have different Stats like Health, Range Power, Atk Power, melee Power, Crit. Atk speed etc. . Every Character would be able to have like 3 Rune Pages you could swap around like you want so you can optimize your gear for solo play, group play etc and always improve the stats you need atm (more tankyness? More damage? Movement Speed? Just do it!). This Way you would also get a use from killing every foe running over your way and dont just stealth rush the bosses. Almost every player would be able to make a steady progress and you can get rewarded for every mob you slay( when you have good gear and some money, slaying Trash mobs is useless since there arent paragon level or anything).

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