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  • Hey everyone,

    Name's Chronicle or Eternal Chronicle ( Lets just say I was bored when creating the and I felt that the name was more worthy rather than calling myself Runeric or Lunamist or any of my other names) I am new to kings and heroes and I saw this on the summer sale and I just HAD to pick it up as I am dying for a nice co-op based game with the MMO type feel to it given I have played everything from Mainstream mmos like EQ back in 1999 through the what will be going on now 18 years and have played over 240 different MMOS from various developers and have beta tested about 1/3 of those titles. My biggest achievement was to beta test WOW back in 2002/2003 and I was invited to the Wildstar closed beta and tested out guildwars 2 in its infancy.

    I thought I would make my appearance here given I am seeing that there is a "discord" server that everyone is on... However I am a huge fan of the game and when I am not playing I am working hard as an outsourcing specialist for Home Shopping Network. I am a huge fan of Hyperdimension neptunia and anything anime based. Big geek at heart and will always love the pixel days but as I grow up I am finding the simple pleasures with games like this :)

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    Welcome to the game Chronicle. Glad to have you with us and on the forums. Let us know if we can help you out in any way.

  • Thank you, I am very happy to be here given how much this game looks like a great way to connect and really give a meaning to your own story.. I love the concept of the gypsy rolling your dice and the tarot cards in the beginning; id love to see more of that type of functionality in this game.. Perhaps having your fortune read and randomly choosing a card to dictate a certain task (hidden) or perhaps a buff or debuff .. But I digress... I am waiting on the last 8% to be downloaded and I hope to get in and play soon.. Great Dev videos btw

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