Must need.

  • I have come up with the greatest of idea's and its a must have. If you have been on the discord you may be aware of the significance of Goats, so here's what I have planned.

    Add 1 goat in the game, just a single goat that can spawn randomly in the wild
    You may be asking yourself 'Is that it? Why only 1 goat?' and to that I say: stop cutting me off and maybe I'll be able to explain.

    The goat will be a neutral world boss and it will be strong enough that you need a group to kill it, upon death the goat will open a portal to THE SECRET GOAT DUNGEON which will be only on insane difficulty and upon reaching the final boss The Goat King and defeating it everyone in the party will receive a legendary (red) crown, The Goat King's Crown which will have a little effect that will summon a pet goat by your side.

    Feel free to comment down below to let me know how we can make this idea even greater.

  • i wanna have. I really like that kind of idea that you have the opportunity to raid the open world for some special items... it would be great when there would be some secret bosses and stuff that drop unique items, also when they all have a own difficulty so everybody can farm some items, and some are only possible to get when youre in an endgame group. It would be nice to be able to get some awesome cosmetic items like pets or mbe special colors, a title or smt like that.

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