Necromancer #3

  • So this is my 3rd crack at a Necromancer class. This version is an attempt at creating a Necromancer with class specialization that was hinted at/discussed on the Discord channel , along with a "Ultimate" Skill suggestion the Lich.

    First thing is to offer some lore for the class: how it works , how it's viewed by the world etc.

    Excerpt from Aldo Eckstein's "Dead Men DO Tell Tales: A History of Necromancy" Volume 1

    Necromancy came about when a group of mages learned how to use the remains of the dead's body and soul : using death magic a necromancer can take the physical remains of the corpse into powerful undead or transform the flicker of souls into debilitating curses.

    Passages from the thesis "The Similarities and Differences Animation, Re-Animation, and Resurrection" by Oliver Hoelder
    ...while many of these events are attributed to the dark arts. However after examining eye witness accounts and careful observations of the subjects collected we have determined that only a minor amount of these cases can be attributed to real "necromancy".

    Almost half of the reported cases were classified as the work of animation magic, akin to the user controlling a object with magic like a puppet: the caster is the puppeteer while the object , in this case corpse(s) were the puppet, and the casters mana being the strings. When the flow of mana was restricted in some way the corpses ceased to be active.

    Resurrection magic was determined to be the second most cause of cases, reporting almost 40% of reported cases. In these cases divine intervention was determined to be the cause mostly from clerics intercession on behalf of there deities in some manner.

    In only 10% of the cases were we able to determine re-animation to be the cause of cases, and of those only 20% could be linked to a deliberate re-animation of the subjects with spontaneous re-animation occurring for the remaining 80% of cases.

    Over the centuries necromancy has been used by various groups and individuals for many reasons: bringing loved ones back to life, trying to become immortal, raising armies of undead to serve dark deities. However as many cultures find the act of necromancy and tampering with the dead as a desecration it is often frowned upon openly practicing the arts, as such many practice the arts in secret or become adventurous where their abilities to summon additional help and curse enemies are most accepted and welcomed by fellow adventurous.

    "Soul Searching: Where Do I Go When I Die?" by Ulrich Heilbronn

    All living things possess a soul which upon death departs to the afterlife , leaving behind its physical body and a small piece of itself. The piece of soul only has a portion of the individuals strongest memories and emotions , overtime like the physical form this piece slowly decays until nothing remains. Sometimes under the influence of particularly violent deaths , combined with an influx of death magic , the physical body and soul can become corrupted.

    "The Necropedia: The Undead Encyclopedia by Roderick Vom Bruch

    "Curses!" by Isebrand Beutler

    The Necromancer's main mechanic is "On-Death" effects , many of their skills gain additional benefits when enemies die under the effects of them. To help proc these mechanics the necromancer has access to Summons and Curses: summons are undead minions that help the necromancer kill enemies faster and protect the necromancer, while curses are debuffs the necromancer can put on enemies to reduce their combat effectiveness and making it easier to kill them.

    Early on necromancers gain access to a variety of cures and summons, along with a few offensive and defenses spells to help them learn the mechanics and prepare them for choosing there specialization at the appropriate level

    At an appropriate level the necromancer can specialize in using death magic to either create and control better undead , or afflict their enemies with more debilitating curses.

    Eventually the necromancer can start a questline to become a Lich , a powerful undead that allows the necromancer mastery of death magic to bring ruin to there enemies.

    (Need to look over notes for skills , along with specs and ultimate skill)

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