Cant play

  • The game is unplayable.
    The game used to play just fine until yesterday. I only update my VGA driver and now i cant even join the game at all...i can only see my character at the character selection screen with an eternal loading. After an hour of trying, I managed to get in, just to see my inventory totally empty.

    My problem is the same as this

  • administrators

    My first suggestion would be to verify the game file through steam. You can use this tutorial if you don't know how. If that doesn't help I would try rolling back your driver to see if that was the cause of it. Lastly I would suggest deleting your local data files for Kings and Heroes. You can do this by going to your AppData folder under current user and delete the Archon folder in there. That should force reset some settings on your end and may allow you to finally load. The AppData folder is hidden by default, so you may need to go to your folder options on the computer and enable the show hidden files and folders option.

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