Curious about the current state of the game.


    This was the original post made explaining where the current game is and some things that are expected in the future. This was 11 months ago. I'm curious now where the game currently is at development wise. Have any of those new things been added? And do you think it is worth it for me to purchase this game currently?

    Please be honest as well. I don't wanna play something that has serious rubberbanding / lag issues right now. Been down that road with the last 3 in development mmorpg's I played. I just want something clean and fun for a while. If this is it, then let me know.

  • Hey there just to let you know even though this has been awhile the devs mostly reply to the discussion forums on the Steam app or on the Steam page. This site might get more use if people start to use it.

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