Is Kings and Heroes still active?

  • I'm about ready to decide I have put enough thousands of hours into LOTRO and move on, and Pantheon won't be out for another year or more. So I was looking here.
    To say the forums are discouraging is an understatement - seems like perhaps a handful of posts over the last 12 months.
    Is the game dead or about to die or is it more ...robust .... than the forum inactivity and lack of patches or references to developer action would suggest?

  • OK I saw a much more active forum on Steam.

    Leaving this forum up without even a mention that it is no longer active and the Steam forums should be used is terrible marketing. A lot of searches lead people here not there - I've tried multiple times and gotten this as THE official forum. Seeing it dead encourages people to think the game is equally dead and look for something else.

  • administrators

    I can understand the confusion about this. We have been very busy with patches and development so generally have been posting more where we have been seeing players posting. For information about the game I would suggest that one of the best resources is our discord server that you can find at We try to keep an active presence there and the community on the discord server is both active and helpful.

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