Combat log

  • Got real excited seeing the new chat interface which included a combat log tab.
    Sadly the combat log is not showing any numbers of information other than you killed x with melee or however you killed it.

    Actual numbers in the log would be most helpful and would go a long way to getting more of my friends on board with this game. As it stands its just a guessing game on what weapons or armor is the best to use.

    Damage and combat power mean nothing as is, since when you look at your character sheet it shows only the main damage of your weapon, strength is adding nothing, elemental damage adds nothing.
    Stats are used throughout the game, making your character and on all of the gear. I cant for the life of me understand why this isn't in yet. Please let us see these changes as we swap weapons and such on the character sheet so we can determine which is best to use.
    Otherwise great job on the work so far!

  • Agree that we need something besides "you killed suchandsuch with melee". Did I crit? Did hit more than 1 when I swung?

    I don't know that I need actual numbers, but I need some feedback from the game on whether what I've done and the what I'm using is working better than something else.