A few errors in the New Caverns

  • I came across a few errors in the new caverns.

    1. In the one section, with a large pool of water, there's a rock with vines coming down next to it. If you jump from the rock and land between the vines and rock, you get stuck there. My character was bouncing/shaking up and down. Thankfully, being a wizard I could use my Teleport ability (the ability learned from trainer) to escape it.

    This is a screenshot of the area, where I was stuck.

    1. Sometimes when looting the Rock Piles, or the bags dropped from breaking barrels/crates, nothing was displayed in the chat window, but I did have new items in my inventory.

    2. There are invisible walls in some locations.
      This is one location. I couldn't walk through it, but if I went left of this area, I could walk over the rocks. It only stops you when coming from this direction.

    This was another invisible wall, in the corner of this area. I couldn't get close enough to loot the rock pile because of the wall.

    I shot a fireball at it, and you can see it hitting the invisible wall.

  • Also, some of the plants are bugged. You can pick them up over and over again, to have a stack or more of the item.

    You can see in the chat window how many I picked up so far, and I could still loot more yet.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We will have the team review.


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