Crashed, now stuck.

  • I was playing the crypt level on my level 5 rogue. After I had died, I went to zone into the city from the hell area and had a fatal crash. After logging back in I can't move and the only window that shows up is the chat window. Have to Ctrl alt delete to exit. Characters name is Tromph on the US server.

  • OK, seems to have sorted itself out after logging on and off multiple times. I was stuck in the Market, looking at the Tortured Artist.

  • Hi Slobbering,

    Glad you got it figured out, quick question if you see this? Were you interacting with the artist at the time of the crash or just leaving the dungeon?



  • Hi John,
    I was just leaving the dungeon. Game crashed on the loading screen, logged back in and I was stuck.

  • Thanks Slobering,

    We are looking into it.


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