Zero Damage Weapons

  • Just downloaded new update and logged in.
    I noted some gear changes and assume part of patch. One bow and one hammer have become
    "0" damage weapons.
    Venomous Recurved Bow of Savagery
    Damage: 0 Health: 425
    Ranged Power: 296 Ranged Crit: 6%
    Venomous Hammer of Savagery
    Damage: 0 Health: 266
    Melee Power 14 Spell Crit: 3%
    Ranged Power: 0
    Spell Power: 142

  • Don't see any patch notes up, although they're notoriously bad with those. Are the stats on armor different? Wondering if this is the fabled itemization patch.

  • Just posted the notes. The zero weapons was an error in adjustments to world content that are coming (the items adjusted were existing world drops, so those are the only ones that should have been adjusted incorrectly). Sorry for the mixup.

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