State of the Game - October

  • As October soon comes to an end, let's take a moment to remember the things we didn't receive as we eagerly look forward to November with renewed hope at the things we would be thankful for.

    • No October Loot Crate - Auto-looting may have been wishful thinking.

    • No Castle/Cave/End Game Dungeon - Caves as an entry dungeon is great. Too bad there aren't many new players joining every day to experience it. Meanwhile, Veterans patiently wait.

    • No Itemization Changes - Drops are still meaningless for the most part; crafting has all but stopped in anticipation of the unknown. PvP Rewards don't exist.

    • No World Changes - No new places to explore, towns guards to kill, wandering mobs to kill us, harvestable nodes, outdoor dungeons.

    • No New Races/Classes/Class Changes - As Lazy often reminds us: "Roll a Cleric and Win".

    • No New Character Progression System - Gear is the only way to improve your character after reaching max level. A long-term character development system would be welcomed.

    Still optimistic. Kinda.

  • Hey Trup,

    Thanks for the post. We get what your saying. October had us running a fair amount of catchup, due to backlog. We're working on itemization currently, dungeon content and of course the elephant in the room, world content. Updates should come together faster, 1-2 per week going forward.



  • I was looking forward to end game content , not really the end of the game :( The ''veteran'' players really need a Dragon right about now.

  • I honestly don't understand the push for world content. It's such a finite aspect of an online game that companies pour so much time, effort and money into. Just look at every single mmo ever made. You have zones with thousands of hours spent on them completely empty. It took Blizzard 12 years before they finally rolled out a system to counter this truth. I'm sure we'll all have fun running through the undead town doing quests, but once it's over we'll all be back in Everdale sitting in the inn queuing for dungeons.

  • Hi Trup,

    As we roll out the areas of the world almost all of them will be geared toward level 45+ at a Hard difficulty or greater (dungeon equivalent). We have looked at content development since EA launch and our plan for the world shifted from variable level zones to being more of a frontier once you get past the town/starter area. Our intent is not to just have the undead town and thats it, thanks for playing. Our plan is to release the entire area complete. Some areas will be more complete than others but the goal is that you will have the option of a world or dungeons. We think of the world as a different experience than a dungeon offering a different style of play. As always we welcome any feedback.



  • @John

    Are you talking like a public quest kind of concept from Warhammer, or even something like the world quest system from wow? I think to approach world content from that angle is the smartest.

    I know your plans are to complete the entire world, but I think the larger task is creating world content in such a way that it has longevity beyond the talk -> do -> repeat quest hub mentality so many games take. Dungeons inversely provide the largest time consumption for their development time because you have unique drops as the variables, but even after a time these become less desired, and players want more content. Creating a one-time quest out in the world has the least amount of value from a longevity perspective.

    You could spend a month populating a town with NPCs, creating kill/loot/gather quests, seeding everything in the world for those quests, creating the item rewards, etc., etc., but in the long term, once that content is completed, it's gone forever.

    So are you creating a typical questing system, or are you going for something dynamic in these areas that adds long term value?

  • Hi Trup,

    You will see a typical quest system initially. While I think the group area quests in Warhammer were neat, they quickly became just the area of focus instead of exploration. I frankly went from those to PvP (since you could queue while PvEing) and didnt spend time on much else. I think we want to go more the exploration route with quests. By this I mean while the quests may be more basic (simply get an item and return it) the hunt and acquisition of the process we want to be more involved. The introduction and utilization of alignment in quests along with Kingdom alignment is something that will be part of the quest system in the future as well. Long story short, the system needed to get out so we can improve upon it. It there are things in the quest or exploration portion that you would like to see, let us know and we will do our best to make those happen. Dungeons are and always will be a quick hit/adventure fix. The world will be more for people who want to hunt, explore and find things out of the norm. The pure combat/loot ratio in dungeons will always be higher than the world. The world potentially will give you items and encounters that will not be in the dungeons. So there is a trade off. We look forward to any feedback you have.


  • @John

    I gotcha. So more like the radiant quest system from Skyrim but without the stupid map markers, and less like a quest hub from wow. I can dig it.

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