Thoughts for making the game more friendly for new players with help/tutorial/quests

  • So I see on some of the Steam forum threads and also from global chatter in town when I'm in-game that a lot of new players have no idea what to do. I know some of this will always be changing because of early access, but I hope by the time of full release on PC & console there could be some sort of tutorial and/or in-game help system for new players.

    1. The whole process of siting at the table in the inn and starting a dungeon is a little daunting for new players (one player thought they had to enter a portal to go into a dungeon after starting it).
      Maybe on the join a random dungeon option on the top while it's searching for players at the top it there could be an overlay saying it has found other heroes w/their names?

    2. The loading screens could randomly show text tips of various stuff about the game mechanics (or maybe even some of the lore/storyline) like pretty much every other game on the market does with their loading screens :)

    3. The barmaid at the Tavern can give a small quest to have the player talk to the mapmaker outside in the market who can advise new players there are Everdale and Sundaria maps they can use, also he can give them more quests.

    4. The first time the player chooses a crafting profession, they should be offered an option for a tutorial on how to craft or where the crafting tables are at least (this was confusing for me at first).

    5. "You are dead press G to respawn" message should be changed for new users IMO, especially in dungeons. I friend who I was showing the game to the first time commented to me he died and pressed G right away and thought he could able to respawn back in the dungeon, and didn't know about had to wait for me to revive him as a Cleric. Maybe the text could be changed to "Press G to exit the dungeon or wait to be resurrected by a party member" or something?

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Hi Gruntled,

    Thanks for posting this. This has been one of our main topics of discussion, development for the last few weeks. We hope to implement several items in the coming weeks that will have many of the points you raised. Keep posting any ideas. We appreciate them.


  • @Gruntled-Employee Absolutely! As of thus far I have yet to see a story line. It would be a great service to new players if they had a tutorial dungeon upon completing character. They would load into a small dungeon that would teach them all the mechanics for fighting and inventory etc. as well as giving them some experience/loot from fighting mobs in the dungeon(mobs should be non-aggressive until engaged). Enough to teach them about the mechanics and only get them to level 2 or 3. Upon completion they should get a quest run on that leads them to quests for crafting profession, class training, the tavern, and the arena with small experience rewards and maybe some currency(gold) or item rewards. Map markers for quests, bank, stores, salvaging/crafting with map legend stating what each means or scrolling over markers to see what they are. Maybe even travel points to some of other parts of town like the Wizard tower and the church, as no body likes to run all they way there for training.

  • @John, Thanks! I know I mentioned a few of these suggestions when I was testing in-house, but I thought i would post on the forums here too to get a discussion going.. :)

    @Treantsong I was also thinking too about a good idea for a tutorial dungeon like you mentioned, or even a similar dungeon when speaking with a trainer so you can 'try before you buy' for a new ability/spell. Maybe the mobs in the training dungeon could be some of the those "crash test' dummies that are scattered around town like in the guild hall and near the Ranger trainer (not sure what they are called), that could be 'brought to life' by a Wizard or something.

  • Just wanted to add to this, if you guys are planning a sort of in-game help system in the game. How about something with Helga?
    I was thinking since Helga actually rolls your character, then when you start the game the camera warps inside of the crystal ball, so I would imagine the whole Realm of Sundaria takes place 'inside' of her crystal ball?
    So what about if the player needs help, s/he can just seek help from Helga?
    Another game that did this pretty well in recent memory was Pyschonauts. Raz just used the bacon from his inventory and used it to be able to talk to Agent Cruller for advice in his head on what to do based on the level and enemies/puzzles he was up against, thought it was pretty clever. :)

  • Helga. I love that idea. And it would give her more meaning in the game. I almost forgot all about her since i created my characters...

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