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  • Place your bug reports into this thread.

    I'll start with it.

    Bug report 1:

    1. Cleric resurrection quite often not working. There is an error message about "invalid target". I have this issue playing a halfling cleric. Scrolls of resurrections do work fine. Therefore there must be a bug with the cleric spell.

    2. Some mobs seems to have attacks which are outright too strong. Getting downed after one hit not depend on how many HP and gear a player have.

    3. Cleric buff spells seems not to have any indicator when applied to other players. This makes it very difficult to see which player have now the buffs active. Suggestion: Add buff icons to the group player bars.

    4. Cleric buffs are very difficult to apply to players inside of dungeons while a fight.

    5. Several smaller graphical glitches inside of the Lava dungeon.

    6. Many items don't have an icon in the inventory. They are primary dropping from mobs from the Caves and Crypt.

    7. In the Hideout dungeon type is a monster, which is not a boss, but it is still nearly indestructible. It takes 50 shoots just to bring it to half live. Because there is no name on that, it is very difficult to identify.

  • Bug report 2

    1: There is no edit function in the forum.

    2: I'm not sure if the character stats at the beginning really are meaning something in the game. I do not see if good stats are providing any bonus.

    3: In the stats screen some stats are green and some red. I assume the red ones are for low attributes and green for high ones. But that seems messed up.

  • Bug report 3

    1. Cacodemon downed me with one hit and I was stuck in that state. Never recovered from downed state. Being L 50 fully geared.

    2. Map does not work in dungeons.

    3. Somewhere was stated that the size of the dungeon is selectable but I did now found that point.

    4. Ancient chokers are not existing or dropping at all.

  • Bug report 4

    1. Pattern: Cloth of Shades can not be sold. I have one in the bank and one on the character. Tried to sell the one on the character.

    2. Fifth dungeon map not available. Probably not yet included in the game.

    3. Crap monetary loot in chests. 10 S is quite low.

    4. Fine Orb have a sale value of 1s

    5. Some doors are failing to open. Are there keys around or are these a thing for the rogue class?

    6. Bosses are not giving any loot.

    7. Chat should be possible while selling, salvaging or crafting.

    8. There should be a possibility to put items in the chat. (Request)

    9. Moving Pattern: Cloth of Shades can mess the inventory visually up.

  • @Gunthar said in Bug reports:

    Bug report 2

    1: There is no edit function in the forum.

    If you click on the three vertical dots to the right of the "reply quote" on the bottom right, you get the option to edit your own post.

  • Even more bugs:

    Bug report 5

    1. There is Wolf Blood and there is Wolf's Blood. I think, it is not necessary to have two different types of same item.

    2. Riding outside of Everdale is quite a hassle. Getting stuck at invisible "walls" or even dying outright of nothing.

    3. Some crafting stuff seems not available at all. Ex: never seen Werium ore or bars.

    4. Amarian Blood looks like a Potion of Healing.

    5. Not being able to put cash in the bank.

    6. Have a Healing Potion without level.

    7. I heard that a complete character loss occurred.

    8. It is quite annoying, when a fully healed character get downed with one hit.

  • Hi Gunthar, Mb, et al.,

    I ll try to make sure I get to all of them let me know if I miss any. I appreciate the feedback.

    Cleric Resurrection - We will review targetting on both the spell and the scrolls.

    Mobs in general are a bit too tough and their damage is over powered, we are adjusting in some instances

    Many buffs will be adjusted to be AOE spells

    We will see what we can do to add indicators to buffs of group players (some buffs do show via player effect, ie Blessing of Wisdom cloud, etc)

    If you have examples of graphics issues please post screenshots

    Icon revisions are being completed and we hope to have them updated within the next week

    The Hideout dungeon was patched erroneously and is not complete, please advise after we repatch it in (it will be removed)

    The stats you roll at the beginning do impact your class attack power and health, currently they do nothing else.

    The color variance on item highlights (green and red) show the delta vs your current equipment (green being higher than equipped, red being lower).

    Loot is being revised (even crap money loot )

    Fifth Dungeon type is currently not released

    Regarding being stuck in a downed state, did you ever die or just stay downed?

    Ancient Chokers should be dropping we will review.

    Fine Orb sale price is a bug, we will review

    Locked doors currently can only be opened by a Rogue of appropriate skill

    Pattern: Cloth of Shades should have a sell value, we are reviewing

    Duplicate items (Wolf's Blood) will be addressed

    Please advise as to the location (and what settlement you are near) outside of Everdale and we will review.

    Some crafting items are not in the game yet.

    The cash transfer in bank has been requested and we are working on it.

    Some items may have identical or similar icons to other items. We will work to adjust icons as quickly as possible but some will have duplicates for now.

    All potions should have a level, we will review

    Being downed in one hit is relative to the NPC that hits you, your gear as well as your level.

    We are working to improve chat functionality (items and other info in chat)

    Character loss - Since the first month of launch we have not heard of this occuring, and at that point was only temporary (characters returned). You should not experience this. If you should, let us know.

    Thanks for the post,


  • For clarifications:

    1. The Pattern: Cloth of Shadows have a price but it is still not sellable at the merchants. It is not removed from the inventory and the money is not added to the player when attempting to sell it to a merchant.

    2. The getting stuck with horse on invisible stuff happens everywhere on the map.

    3. It appears that corpse lying on stairs makes it very difficult to resurrect people.

    4. Travelling issues getting killed on flat area is directly far north of Everdale at the north border. Player is not visible on map.

    5. Add the buff indicators above the players hit point bars on the group window.

    6. About the downed state. At one occurrence it was a permanent down state. I had to close the game and start over. At several other occurrences character did landed in the archangel area after waiting longer time, where dead players are landing after pressing G. All these down bugs happened in the Lava dungeon. It was never a real death.

    7. With the red and green color I meant the character stats when you press C and look at the six attributes. The delta on items works quite well.

    8. With the healing potions there is even a Minor Healing Potion without level around.

    9. The one hit down issue happens a lot in the Lava dungeon. Archers and some monster effects can one hit down even fully equipped L50 players. It is even possible that one monster effect can down the complete group with one hit.

    10. The character loss issue appears to be happened only once till today.

  • @Gunthar said in Bug reports:

    For clarifications:

    1. It appears that corpse lying on stairs makes it very difficult to resurrect people.

    Rizzen and I have discovered that corpses on the stairs can often be rezzed from below the body.

  • Does not work if the corpse is on the bottom step of a stair. Sometime the resurrection does not work also if the corpse is lying in a pile of dead monsters. Quite often the rezzing becomes a hide and seek for the working spot.

  • @Gunthar said in Bug reports:

    Does not work if the corpse is on the bottom step of a stair. Sometime the resurrection does not work also if the corpse is lying in a pile of dead monsters. Quite often the rezzing becomes a hide and seek for the working spot.

    I suspect it started happening when they extended the range of rez down to the lava pits....

  • Last night I couldn't res people on a flat floor, with no bodies, standing directly on top of them.

  • @Trup That was with me right?

  • Yeah. Couldn't res.

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