Design Team Read First!!

  • Hey!

    Thanks for visiting this page. We have always wanted to have an active engagement with our players in making our games better. We believe players who care about our games can have a great impact on the quality of the game. If you are interested in helping out with the game by bringing constructive ideas and putting in some extra work to make it better this is the spot for you. There is no compensation for this other than your ability to have a direct impact on the game you play.

    Previously on the Steam forums we have had fairly in depth threads about areas where the game needs help and players have given us great suggestions. In this forum we hope to take it a bit further by opening more direct lines of communication with players wanting to put in extra time to make the game better.

    Rules of Engagement

    • You have to have a great attitude, if you have a bad attitude, this wont work.

    • You must play the game, actively. You wont be able to help if you don't.

    • You need at least 50 hours played in the game with one max level character preferred.

    If you are interested, please post below.

    Thanks for your interest,


  • Whoot!


  • John (and the rest of the team)

    Happy to have the chance to help you make Kings and Heroes better.

    Really have enjoyed the game so far and am looking forward to the future!

    As for Rules of Engagement

    • Really exited to see where the game goes and you have all been outstanding supporting us while in development and I hope we can help you moving forward.
    • Enjoy playing!
    • Have all classes but Champion max and have fun in different ways with each.

    Hope to see others in the game!


  • Well obviously.

  • Lol, thanks you guys. I was hoping you would be here.

  • Of course I'm interested, if you'll have me!

  • Mission Accepted. The real question is "Are you prepared!?!''

  • @John Of course I am interested in helping you guys out more!!
    I hope I have been giving a lot of good feedback during my on-site playtest sessions. :)

    I have a lot of ideas for different stuff in the game, some of which I already posted on the Steam forums.

    But also I was going to ask if you guys need help with any player or NPC or mob animations? I have experience doing 3D character animation for mods and I'd love to help animate some stuff for Kings and Heroes!

  • I would love to throw some ideas in and discuss others.
    I'm not sure if the Suggestions forum would be a better place for that though :) If you want me in, I would of course do my best to help!

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