just some thoughts on the game salvage/bank/etc

  • So, a friend bought me this game and I do quite enjoy it. I've been playing for about a week and logged about 47ish hours. things I'd like to see possibly introduced. Now i understand this is about mostly getting the basics and fundamental mechanics of the game established on behalf of the devs so these are just suggestions.

    I would be an auto sorting feature for inventory, even if it's only page by page that would be great, I also am shocked that this game has the only bank that doesn't take money, I just thought that was weird.

    the salvage function seems slow and monotonous, maybe have a feature where you can block sort items like " salvage all white items or all blue items". I'm getting carpal tunnels clicking items individually. I'd also like a auto craft function as well if possible, sitting and clicking isn't nearly as entertaining as it sounds. I don't mind the random results for crafting, others don't and i can see that. In spite of that I enjoy the gamble, I'm willing to craft a bunch of misses to get a hit item, maybe increase the positive chances for higher quality items with a higher skill level?(unsure if that has been implemented.)

    I like the cleric (I'm preferential to support classes) but I don't know why the Champion has the chance to instantly kill undead attached to his attack, I thought turning undead was a clergy skill. I also read some other posts about skill trees and 2nd tier classes, I think that is a fine Idea. I like the 2 staged incapacitation, it gives others who aren't clerics a chance to keep a team alive, so kudos to you :) I'd hope to see the cleric get a holy damage skill for striking, the smite is good but isn't what I would expect from a cleric basic attack.

    The in dungeon traps don't seem to be menacing enough, the pendulum blades in hallways do negligible damage I stood in the path of one and was only losing like <3%ish of my life on a pass, so I wouldn't consider this a legitimate threat.

    The Ice Cave is quite barren for many sections with no enemies which I find weird and exhausting running for 2-3 minutes and not seeing a creature seems like poor pacing?, and the diversity of mobs the dungeons seems lacking ( I understand its about the basic mechanics, probably place holders and such. ) but cave bears, yetis or something would be nice.

    The Devs have probably already posted things pertaining to the maps W.I.P. and such, but I look forward to one in the dungeon, and maybe a 3rd person camera option? I haven't seen it in the game so that would be nice but not necissary if that's not the direction the devs are going.

    All in all, I really do enjoy the game some bugs and crashes but I keep coming back to play. I look forward to the getting to explore the lava Dungeon, just unlocked that. But, yeah, good job.

  • A more 'intelligent' inventory definately would be nice. Besides auto sorting I'd like to see the option to configure tabs for 'All', 'Crafting Materials Only', 'Equipment' and 'Accessories' so loot would go directly into the correct tab.

    Salvaging - yes, please do something. Maybe the option to select all items we would like to salvage before starting the process?

    I was wondering the same thing about the Cleric and the Champion, Turn Undead is one of the major Cleric skills.
    I am not too fond of skill trees. They tend to lead to min/maxing with only few accepted 'known good' combinations. 2nd tier or prestige classes would be good for past L50 progression.

    Ice caves - yes, the passages between leels seem very long and barren. Alo a bit surprised the floor is not slippery :)

    Like you I am really enjoying the game so far.


  • Good feedback.

    I had to laugh since a lot of these issues are the same ones many of us who have been around since the release experienced. For example, once you max a crafting skill, salvaging is instant, but many of us complained about the exact same issue while leveling our crafting skills. I would highly recommend everyone download and use Mike's mod pack from the Steam forums as they make life much easier for newer players.

    Ice Caves is the last of the original dungeons that hasn't been updated yet, which is why it's pretty messed up compared to the others. Crypts, Caves, and Lava all used to be just as bad.

    The Cleric doesn't have a turn undead ability.

    There are no plans to add 3rd person view.

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