The importance of stats

  • I was wondering how how the initial stats actually mean at level 50? Should I go for a well rounded stats distribution or focus on the two main stats + con and completely ignore the others? How muc difference does it make if I start out with maxed pri/sec stats or not?


  • The short answer is get 18s in your two primary stats and constitution and ignore the rest of them.

    Based on everything John has told us about how the entire system works, my understanding of the system is this:

    • Every class has Primary 1 and Primary 2.
    • When you use an ability, the total output is based upon:
      • Weapon Damage or Base Spell Damage (Spells do not use your weapon damage but rather have their own Base Spell Damage).
      • Primary Stat 1 and Primary Stat 2.
      • The corresponding Power (Melee, Ranged, or Spell).
    • Each class specific ability calculates it's total output as Base Damage modified by (Power modified by Primary 1) + (Power modified by Primary 2).
      • For example, a Rogue using Mortal Strikes is Weapon Damage modified by (Melee Power modified by Dex) + (Melee Power modified by Str).
      • They have not released the exact coefficients, which is why I'm using modified, rather than guessing what the coefficient is. The important thing to note is that a skill uses primary 1 and then a primary 2 when calculating total output. The order matters.
    • A Rogue with 18/18 Dex/Str will have a higher damage ceiling than a Rogue with 15s in all stats.
    • Charisma currently doesn't do anything for any class.
    • When you use a skill from a different class, such as a scroll, it uses the primary stats from that class when determining output. A Rogue with 18/18 Dex/Str and 6/6 Wis/Int will heal for less using Group Heal from a scroll compared to a Cleric with 18/18 Wis/Int using the same scroll.
    • Constitution provides base health (I think, haven't really tested this) and health per level.
    • A working theory of mine has been that the skill Shoot was originally designed for the Ranger and then given to all of the other classes. Rangers have Dex and Int as their two primary stats. Dex or Int is considered a primary stat for every other class. This has lead me to believe why Shoot tends to do a lot of damage for all classes since those classes will have either Dex or Int at a high value.
    • The base Attack skill is different though because both the Champion and the Rogue have their own versions of a standard attack. I have done extensive testing on Clerics with high values in Str and Dex using high melee power and have been unable to achieve high damage output, so I'm not sure what kind of calculation the base Attack skill is using. My guess is that the Champion and Rogues base attack has a higher coefficient of primaries and power which results in a higher damage output than the base attack.
      • So for example, the Rogues Eviscerate may be doing 200% of Dex and Str modified by power, while the standard attack may be doing 100% of Str and Dex modified by power. Using this example, since Shoot is the Ranger's primary attack skill, it may be doing 200% for all classes, which is why most new caster players will deal more damage using a bow and ranged power early on than trying to use spells because they will have a high Int value.

    I hope this helps, and please let me know if you want more detailed information as I like discussing their (flawed) damage system.

  • Hi Trup,

    thanks for your very informative answer. It confirmed what I thought although I hoped I was wrong.
    Since the stats are random hitting 16-18s in the right ones (before racial bonus) can take forever. It makes me feel like it's the game that will decide which class I am about to play.
    So for now I'll keep on playing my cleric while I keep spending 30 minutes before each session rolling stats and hoping for a good combination.


  • Rolling a perfect 18/18/18 is also going to be dependent on the race you pick. If you're trying to be an Orc Cleric, then you won't be able to do it. Without them releasing the coefficients it's hard to say how much damage/healing is being added per point.

  • Due to the way the stat system currently works I usually just choose any class and human and the start to roll stats. Once something usable shows up I go through the races to see if I can get 18s in Con and at least two of the other stats and then I choose the class.
    What I'd like to see is that when you choose a class the dice are 'loaded' in favor of that class making it a lot more probable to roll a high result for the class's two primary stats by limiting the RND range. For example if I choose a rogue the RND ranges could be STR/DEX/CON 12-18, CHA 6-12, INT/WIZ 3-12.
    Ideally all stats would be meaningful for all classes though and we would use a point system for the stats.

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