• Items are a huge part of any game. Kings and Heroes is no exception. While we have made some modification to items we want to make the item system better than it currently is. We will begin discussion of item improvements here.

  • @John Love the randomized loot items(armor, weapons etc.), not a fan of randomized crafted items. Crafted item sets pertaining mostly to armor smith, leather working, weapon smith, tailoring the items need to have more defined information before crafting, with pop up information stating it is better suited to melee, ranged, or spell casting, this would benefit new players. Also the cosmetic look of some of the armor is aesthetically 'ugh' , for example 'Heavy Chest piece' from armor smith, I find the waist section of that armor piece terrible. The cosmetic look for weapons are awesome. I look forward to some more variety in the cosmetic feel of items (maybe even a crafting system that allows some cosmetic choices, besides color).

  • @Treantsong

    If you go over to the other forums and read John's last update about itemization, you can see that he took some of the community feedback regarding the randomization of crafted stuff and updated the system. I would recommend going over there and reading through that stuff, but I think it covers what you're asking for.

    As for cosmetic changes, they'll have to do something eventually since it's become such a standard in today's games.

  • John,

    Could we get an update on where the big itemization and crafting updates are at? It's been quite a while.

  • Bump. Do the busy weeks of content include the itemization and crafting changes? If so, can you provide a preview?

  • Bump. You guys really need to enchant your forum management with +10 responsiveness. Vader would say he finds your lack of posts disturbing.

  • @Trup

    Completely agree. A few weeks in, I struggle to understand why they even launched a new forum.

    And the developer responsiveness that was so present and often cited as a positive has been noticeably absent more recently.

    I hope that is due to focusing on the game, but am beginning to wonder if it isn't due to other business issues.

  • @Mbenu

    Yeah, they should have just cut all of the world stuff and focused on improving the dungeon experience and gone to market. That is what they've built the community up around, so why try to jam in a bunch of world content when there are 4000 other games in the market space offering generic quests, but very few offering this kind of co-op dungeon experience.

    The lack of communication breeds bitterness the longer it goes on. I also don't understand why there are two forums now.

    I was power leveling some people last night and res wasn't working. I'm standing right on top of someone and can't res them, and somehow I'm supposed to be okay knowing that they are adding in some stupid quest to some town 20 minutes away that I don't care about?

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