armour skill

  • Everytime I level up and get a new item to make, I have to logout and back in to make the new item. IDK why this is happening but it is annoying. lol.

  • This is happening to my friend Niko as well. He tried using the mods to maybe fix it and nothing works but relogging. Sorry im of no help here other than verify the game files but i doubt that will solve the issue but worth a try. I just wanted to let u and the devs know that others are having this issue as well.

  • Hi Lizzard,

    I'm sorry we missed this, if you are still having the issue let me know. I have sent to the programmers to review.


  • John, it was still happening as of this morning. I created a new character for the post I made and trained the first pattern from the Weaponsmith and it didn't appear in my book until I relogged.

  • Thanks Trup,

    Talking with them now.

  • We believe we have found the issue. Should be remedied in the next patch

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