Short feedback

  • Here's my short feedback after 2 weeks of playing:

    So far the game looks interesting. Using the inn as a hub for dungeon crawling works nicely. Unfortunately due to the low player base Everdale feels empty which can be a turn-off for new players. Once you get to know a couple of the other players the real fun starts - grouping. Being able to actually craft useful items is great but itemization is really required. Ranged classes at first seem to be over powered when compared to melee classes but that seems to level out on the harder dungeon levels. After being sceptical at first I started to really like the first person view as it forces me to be more aware of my surroundings (is this game stereo only or will it support dolby?).

    What I'd like to see:

    • quickly:
      Notification pop-ups for friends logging in and out
      The option to have /w in its own window that can be freely placed on the screen.
    • soon:
      Recipes that allow to add prefixes/suffixes by adding certain components.
      Outdoor encounters and content
    • eventually:
      new classes and races

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