Tales of an Explorer

  • Thought I would re-post this from the steam forums. I had a couple very enjoyable sessions wandering the world you have built so far. While it was obvious that it was very much a work in progress, the potential fascinated me. Why were there enemies here and not there? What was this strange glowing plant? What is this cave? Etc.. I know you guys (the Devs) are busy making the game, but I wrote this small story based on those enjoyable exploration experiences. My hope is that you will be entertained by it and that you are inspired by the fact that there are people interested in the world you are building. Not just the combat or the gameplay, but the lore and the setting.

    Upon stepping outside of town, a lowly level 12 Mage, I set my sights on Ragewind keep. With my friend, a Priest named Asclepius, riding at my side, we journeyed south east. We came upon a swamp with ghostly lights above strange plants. Were they illusions? Some sort of demon plaguing our minds? It felt like we had indeed wandered where none ought go. For it seemed that at random we would collide with invisible objects. The Mirefen was clearly a place of evil we could not see. With great haste we left, heading further south.

    Massive mountains of snow and stone rose before us, blocking our path. My friend the priest was at first more daring than I. Of course, who could blame him when he could defy gravity. It was this divine gift that allowed him to survive great falls as we attempted to climb and jump the heights. I had no such luck, falling to my death. Oh what a blessing it was to have a priest with me to bring me back from the dead. After several hours of attempting this, my friend's stamina faltered and he departed. It was time to look for a safer and more clear route. For the gods have shaped this world in such ways that it seemed there was a path to all places.

    I ventured on toward a place known as The Frozen, hoping to enlist the aid of the locals. Yet no one was here. Who had built this village and where did its people go? I feared the evil of the Mirefen, but saw no carnage, no signs of battle. I could not answer the question of their fate, so I journeyed north now, to the Snow Orcs. Half way between I found a cave of ice and snow. My curiosity rose, though I knew that there was no help should death befall me. Twisting and turning through narrow walk ways, I peered down from the top of the cave's entrance. It spiraled down at least ten stories. I felt a tremble in my legs, for heights brought fear into me. Terror and excitement filled me as I had to make several running jumps to continue through the cave. Upon reaching the bottom I marveled at the beauty of this place. There were no beasts here, no danger other than the heights. Glowing white crystals and ice were my treat, for there was no other treasure to be found here.

    The next day I traveled from Everdale to the north, to the Deep Dwarf. I dismounted and walked up the stairs, impressed by the find stonework around me. Deep into the caves I traveled. Were these mines? No ores of importance were apparent to me. Where were the dwarves under the mountain? Should not their great halls and their king be here? What has happened to the people of this world? Is Everdale the last bastion for the races? In dismay I left the Lodur Mountain and headed east, to Ruinswick. I ignored the print on my map, labeling my destination as "Undead". That was a mistake. At first I was enticed by the glowing lights and how they danced upon the eerie fog. That intrigue turned to dread as I heard an unearthly scream. Zombies! I fled from the doomed town quickly, wishing I were a rogue. Then I could have snuck my way into their mysteries. My Invisibility spell was still too weak to travel far into the danger. Was this a sign of what became the other towns? Was Everdale next?

    On my third day of travel, I left Everdale once more and this time traveled south west. Aquillis, the elf town, sounded enchanting and could perhaps shed light on the world. As I traveled, my eyes constantly flittered toward Ragewind, my original goal. Yes, perhaps I could find a path there from the west. The journey toward Aquillis was difficult, as the path was not always clear and the beasts of the land lived close to Everdale. My steed flew my from their teeth, claws, and stingers. There was no direct road that I could find, so once again, mountains were my truest enemy. To the west I headed, hoping to find a way to hook around and head south. Dodging wolves as large as my horse, I arrived at where the town was on my map. Nothing but snow, ice, and trees. As an elf, myself, darkness clouded my mind. Where was the town of my people? A wolf started to close in, so I steeled my resolve. I would reach Ragewind keep and hope to find some answer.

    This time i found a path, a long one that was fairly easy to follow. Little danger was on this route. At least, until I neared Ragewind. I headed too far south, past the borders of my map. A storm of lightning exploded around me, startling my horse. I held on for dear life, calming the beast. I felt the hair on my neck stand up and tasted copper in the air. Magic! Turning and riding a short ways north, we emerged from the magical storm unharmed. What was that and why did it block my path? Was this storm part of the ruin of our world? Was it moving ever so slowly towards our last hope, Everdale? Was it the destroyer of the home of my people? Too many questions and too few answers. Riding again towards Ragewind, I began to wonder if I was too far south. I came upon a pack of dwarves near what looked like a cave entrance. I went to greet them, but then saw the hatred in their eyes. With their axes drawn and spells being slung, I hastened past, into the cave, hoping for a route up to my goal. It led only further down, for what seemed like forever. At the end was a horror I could barely fathom. I saw beneath the world, into an endless void of nothingness. What has happened to our land!? Quickly I turned and rode up the forever turns, up the snow and stone, and past the dwarven guards. Yet more questions. Why were they here and why guard this? Were they slaves to some dark god that consumed our world? Oh creator gods, are you what guard our realm from the nothingness that seeks to end us?

    My dreary state quickly vanished as I found the path I had long sought. Up and down across mountains, more snow, and more ice. Nearly falling to my doom dozens of times. Eventually I skittered around the forests near Ragewind and up a road worn into the snow. Yet I saw a fire in the distance, within the Keep. I am so close now! The path turns yet more dangerous as it curves around unexpectedly. My horse can't make these turns and so I dismount. I would have to go forward on foot. I reach two points back to back where I must run and jump to continue. The first I make with ease, but then I miss my footing on the second jump. I tumble downward, rapidly trying to blink to safety. I blink between a tree and a rock, my wind knocked out of me and I nearly black out. Yet I am safe. With great agony I twitch and squirm out and find that I have not fallen too far. I retrace my steps, this time making the second jump. Then what I see lifts my spirits further. Stairs! Blessed stairs! I stop and thank the creator gods. Leaping up the stone stairs in the mountain, three at a time, I at last reach Ragewind Keep. My morale could not be higher. I have traveled much of this world and found untold amounts of danger and darkness, but in the end it would be worth it. The answers I sought must be in the keep!

    Then, my heart sank. What I once thought from the distance was fire was in fact a magical barrier of blazing orange. I could not even approach it, for the energy was too great. It was almost as if a second barrier, invisible like those in the Mirefen, blocked me. I stepped upon the stones around the keep, trying to find an angle inside. Throwing fireballs to test the barrier for a breach. I could find none. The magic itself was too powerful, perhaps too old, for me to recognize. Whatever secrets the keep had would remain a mystery for me. With a saddened heart I returned to Everdale, using my teleportation stone. I returned with no treasure, no greater understanding, naught but this tale of my exploration. I knew that it must be told, for there is a mysterious darkness upon our world, slowly consuming it. Few outside of Everdale remain, but as I look around the tavern I feel a small relief. So long as there are heroes and those seeking the answers, there is hope.

  • Hi Serpent,

    Thank you for sharing your tale. The path to Ragewind is one of the more perilous areas of geography in all the land. Slowly the creatures will return to the land and give you the greater sense of adventure you long for. We look forward to future stories of your travels.


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