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  • It would be cool if you integrated some kind of dungeon mastery system into the journal that awarded points based upon boss kills that tallied up into providing a permanent stat increase to a player. For example, mastery of the Lava dungeon could provide Fire Resistance. There could be 5 ranks to mastering the dungeon, which each rank providing a 2% increase to fire resistance and each rank requiring more points to complete. It would provide a lasting reason for players to run older dungeons even after new ones are released, and there are plenty of stats that you could run this system out through many dungeons to come.

  • Hi Trup,

    That's a really cool idea, as we get into implementing the end game progression it might be something we could look to add. We like the idea of giving players multiple reasons to engage in content that may be considered old or farmable.


  • I was thinking of somethign similar just more crafting related. If I understand correctly dungeons will drop gear with resistances to the elements in that dungeon, for example fire for lava. Salvaging items with resistances could have a random chance of producing fragments of resistance. X amount of fragments could be combined into a watcha may call it (wmci) that can be added to crafted items to increase said resistance. wmci can be combined to increase the effect to a max of x%. The number of wmci slots would be random to a max of say 4 so you basically could create equipment with resistances that fit your needs.


  • Hi Hirn,

    We were actually thinking something similar to what you mention for enchanting. Items with elemental enhancements would have a chance to drop their elemental component. As we progress on this we will let you guys know.
    Thanks for the post.


  • @HirnKhan

    The main issue I see is that it appears as though all of the new dungeon sets will be equal in terms of power, just with different resistances tailored to the dungeon they drop from. In the system you're suggesting, it would mean you could just stick with the very first set you obtained and just augment it with additional elemental resistances rather than crafting the new set.

    Based upon my understand of the system, if all of the sets are equal in terms of power just with different resistances then the sense of progression will be much less than it could be. It'll be far less rewarding to complete a newly released dungeon and craft the new set only to have it be with the same stats as the dungeon you've been farming just with a different resistance.

    So I think eventually they'll need to adjust the dungeons and the gear they drop to have some sense of progression, however large or minor it may be. It doesn't have to be much, but a player should be able to complete Crypts and get a 10 damage sword, and then complete Lava and get a 12 damage sword. If dungeons of the same difficulty have the same power level of gear then it greatly diminishes the desire to run the "next" dungeon. You could argue that Insane Lava is more difficult than Insane Crypts, and if so, then one would presume that Lava drops better gear than Crypts.

    However, I like your idea in support of longevity, meaning I like the idea that I could complete the new dungeon set, and augment it with the resistance from previous dungeons. It would give people a reason to run older stuff.

  • @Trup
    I am not suggesting we should be able to enchant dropped gear only crafted gear.
    Maybe the possibility to enchant crafted gear affect the basic stats of said gear? One enchantment slot would lower basic res by x%, two by more and three by even more? That way you would have to make a conscious choice whether you'd like to run in specialized high res gear or more general lower res. The former would make most sense for dungeons the latter for open world exploring and PvP since you also can enchant crafted weapons.
    I fully agree on the need for progression to keep players interested. The fragments could come in the usual qualities (minor, major, greater,..) and the chance of a certain quality to be dropped during salvaging would depend on the quality of the gear.
    I haven't really thought this through since I am still ' a bit' tired after the data center project I ran last weekend but still crafting and classes keep popping up in my mind every now and then and I may have to sit down soon and post my ideas.


  • Yeah, I was talking about crafted stuff too. Once the changes are released, each tier of a dungeon will have it's own crafted set, but those sets will be equal across dungeons of the same difficulty. So the Easy Crypts set will have the same power as the Easy Lava set, just with different resistances.

    If they haven't adjusted how damage is calculated, then small amounts of many resistances isn't as helpful as large amounts of single resistances. I would have to dig up the post from John from a while back, but basically damage is really high, so when you get a meteor dropped on you it's an enormous amount of damage that is first reduced by your fire resistance, and then further reduced by armor. So the only way players have been able to overcome the massive damage is by stacking very high resistance stats. So if meteor is doing 100k damage, players have needed to reduce that by having 80% fire resistance, so that it cuts it to 20k damage, and then somewhere around 400 armor to further reduce it and survive the meteor.

    A similar thing happens with physical damage. Rangers are using Rapid Fire which has been piercing damage and guys that are cleaving have been using slashing damage. After they removed the ogres from Lava crushing became less needed, but having a low piercing resistance would almost guarantee your death against a Ranger.

    It's important to remember that enemies have the exact same gear and skills that we do, so if you have an ability that does a lot of damage, they do as well. This is also why non-humanoid mobs are usually either very easy to kill or very hard to kill, such as the alpha wolves or how Ogres used to be. It's because they aren't wearing gear, so they have to have their stats manually set for them.

    At this point we just don't know. The only way an elemental resistance would help against all mobs within that dungeon would be if they've changed elemental damage again in a significant way, in which case it would mean taking weapons from one dungeon into another would give an advantage.

    Right now a Champion doesn't do any fire damage. So when you run into a Champion Orc in Lava, the only elemental damage they are doing is whatever happens to be on the weapon they've been seeded with. Elemental damage was gutted a few patches back, so the amount of damage it does at high levels is irrelevant. So the only way fire resistance would provide an overall benefit against all of the mobs in Lava and not just the Wizards casting fire spells would be if they've readjusted how elemental damage works. If that's the case, then it makes sense your armor would have fire resistance, and the weapons and armor are dropping with fire damage/resistance and elemental damage is good again. But this would also mean that you could take a fire weapon from Lava into Crypts against guys with no fire resistance and have an advantage, right?

  • In general we are aware of the issues with sameness but a different flavor on the items (if the stats are equal which should you do), we do intend to add set bonuses (which could be enhancements, abilities, etc) to drive value of one set over another.

  • Nice. Sets with bonuses would be awesome.

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