• Hey,

    It was mentioned that some players may want to be moderators for the game. If you are interested please email me ( with your Steam handle and I ll get with our IT team about setting you up. One of the issues in the communication chain is that its tough for us to work on the game and consistently be active with the community. If you're willing to help let us know.

    General rules

    • Have played the game extensively

    • Have a great attitude and enjoy games

    • Be cool (no a-holes or trolls), and be able to deal with people who are less than pleasant in a cool manner

    • Be helpful to the community

    • Speak with correct grammar, we're not the police but you will be representing the community



  • No A holes or trolls ? That's what the moderator(s) will be there for , I love dealing with A holes and trolls. Can moderators be ''edgey'' and ''sarcastic'' with A holes and trolls or the less than pleasant people? Judging by your pre-requisites there's are already a lengthy list of people that fit your description , I've personally only encountered maybe a handful of mouthy little brats who's entire interest in the game was to aggravate and or instigate people into second guessing their attempt to try to honestly help someone with what was mistaken as a legit question in game , aka troll. As for the great attitudes , the vast majority of our community offers that and they enjoy the game. Being cool seems to also be linked to those individuals who have those great attitudes while enjoying the game. Overall our community as a whole is and has been exceptionally helpful with one another and very supportive of Kings and Heroes in general , save for the rare A hole. I think having played the game extensively may vary for many of us , some may have been here since day 1 but perhaps only invested 1 hour here or there and other may have only just started 1 month ago but have invested 8+ hours a day for 5 days a week or what not .. I think that's what will be challenging. Honestly ''having played the game extensively'' is pretty vague in a sense , maybe you could elaborate so everyone understands exactly what you mean by it and what you want from it.

    That being said , I do not envy the situation that will be making the final decision as to whom is offered or selected for the title of ''moderator'. I do however sincerely hope everyone has a chance to speak up if for some reason they disagree or feel uncomfortable with your selection or will that simply not be an option in the big picture? Will your choice be law ? Can the public influence a vote?

  • @Paladine

    Don't worry, Pal, I didn't apply. I know I can't promise that.


  • I spoke with John about being a moderator and the things I could help with and he agreed and made me one, but I guess you're welcome to protest it.

  • @Trup said in Moderators:

    I spoke with John about being a moderator and the things I could help with and he agreed and made me one, but I guess you're welcome to protest it.

    Congrats Trup!

  • lol@Mbenu don't worry I too chose not to apply , I feel I can still help improve , give feedback , share , help , in my own fashion without the need or desire to hold a title :panda_face: I am just as content being here as a part of the community regardless of status , not saying or taking anything away from Trup but I deal with enough real life issues as is and would just prefer to keep Kings and Heroes as my ''escape from reality'' for a few hours type place :palm_tree: I wonder what it's going to be like having a moderator as a guild leader , if that option ever comes to fruition :calendar_spiral:

    This ''we're not the police but you will be representing the community'' is all I really want to stress , regardless of who ends up being moderator.

  • Hi Paladine,

    This isn't intended to be that at all (police). Its intended to allow people that want to moderate to do so. We have a large amount of players that have done massive amounts to help us without being moderators. Should you or any of the other long time players want to moderate we would be lucky to have you.


  • @John

    Trup has more than enough passion, organization and documentation skills for the task.

    Like Pal, I prefer my contributions to be more recreational and Mbenu-esque!

  • Mbenu-esque! Well said!

  • @Mbenu

    Plus you're a sounding board for my madness.

  • @Trup said in Moderators:


    Plus you're a sounding board for my madness.

    Great now I have ''Can I play with Madness' by Iron Maiden stuck in my head :man_dancing: Rock on!

  • @Paladine

    This is more me: link

  • @Trup said in Moderators:

    This is more me: link

    ..I bet you have the same effects on your arms when you run the Lava dungeon!

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