Is it worth my time

  • I've been debating on buying the game all morning and I know that things might be a little biased here but I want to hear from you guys if I should or not. The game sounds awesome and like something I would really enjoy but my biggest concern is the size of the community. I'm super interested and want someone to give me enough of a push to just go ahead and buy it and not save my money for something else

  • Definitely. You won't find another game out there quite like this one that mashes up some different aspects from different genres into a successful game. It's Early Access though, so for new players there is a lot to do and experience, but a lot of the depth of really digging into the game is lacking at this time. It's due to this that the community of players tends to ebb and flow with major content updates.

    So there is always a spike in online players after a major content drop, but most of us are waiting for the itemization patch before returning. If it's in between patches you may log in and be the only person online, but when there was still a lot of content for us within dungeons it wasn't uncommon for there to be a good 20-50 of us online at night. I also noticed that there were many new players after the price drop and after the Thanksgiving sale, so if they manage to promote the game for a Christmas sale while also giving us the itemization patch then I would expect the online community to stabilize with a fair amount of players for some time.

  • Alright it does sound promising I've been on the fence since I heard about it which was this morning when I was browsing steam for something that looked good. I hope they get that patch out soon then cause I would hate to just walk into a ghost town. But I love the idea and the D&D feel the game seems to have in all the videos I've watched today. I think I'll have to just dive in since Conan exiles doesn't come out until next month and there's been no news on dark and light, plus this is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for at least in spirit maybe not in reality yet. But if the devs are really listening to feedback about possible future content then this might be something I can stick with for the long run

  • @HadoukenX90

    Re: Is it worth my time

    IMO: It is worth your time even though it isn't done.

    However, if having tons of people to run and group with is a mandatory, you might be better of waiting. Population is low at the moment.

    All the content is solo-able, so if you are ok playing on your own then you should be fine.

    I would also check out.some of the reviews on the store front, if you haven't yet.

  • @Mbenu
    No having a lot of people isn't mandatory, I just hope there is people to group up with at least some of the time because I feel like that'll be half the fun and I don't mean a full group some of the videos I saw made it look like 8 people was just over kill so personally 2-4 maybe 5 total people in a party seems ideal

  • @HadoukenX90

    I do think that groups are WAY more fun. I just wanted to be honest about the current state of play.

    Like Trup, I am hopeful the traffic will improve.

  • @Mbenu
    I'm sure it will the game is unique and if they can make interesting gear and keep the classes balanced and fun for over and pvp then I think it has a real shot of being a popular especially if the can get more content that makes it feel like a tabletop game that's online then it could go far

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